Passionfruit Flower and Leaf Tea


50 g of oragnic Passion fruit leaves and flower tea

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6 years ago Ratnauli Gultom started to plant the Passion fruit in Silimalombu. It is a fully success story. Now all around our house are the Passion fruit. They are growing wild and all the time we have the fruits. A lot of people came to our house and see, how nice the Passion fruit are growing around our terrace. A lot of people take some fruit home and plant them there. Now you have everywhere specially around of Tuktuk a lot of Passion fruit.

And  the Passion fruit can make much more. The leaves and the flowers are a treatment for relaxation and for a good sleep. Also they take away fear and nervousness. Without side effects. Just drink one cup in the evening from around 2 g of the dried leaves/flowers. To make the infusion the best is to cook the leaves/flowers for 5 minutes and let them steep for another 10 minutes before you drink it.

If you want to learn more from the Passion fruit you can look for the effect of the leaves and flowers here and for the whole plant you can look here on our webpage for the Passion fruit on the Botanical garden of Silimalombu.

We sell a package of 50 g of organic leaves and flowers, dried in the shadow, grown, harvested and processed in the Ecovlllage Silimalombu


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