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1 07.00 Dry products in the sun 30 minute We dry a lot of products, such as sotul pieces, cacao bean, old coconut pieces, etc.
2 Mardoton/ Traditional fishing with net 40 minute Learn how to detach the fish from net and also have an insightful conversation.
3 Prepare breakfast +- 1,5 hours Cook organic ingredients from our garden with Silimalombu Ecovillage’s unique recipes
4 Herding buffalo and clean up the garden 2 hours Bring the buffalo for a walk and explore Gultom’s wide garden. We can also have an inspiring conversation.
5 07.00


Feed livestock 30 minute Explore Silimalombu Ecovillage and learn tips in feeding livestock.



1 Mixing duck food 30 minute Composition for the mixture is consist of bran, chopped corn seed, and pellet with comparison 2:1:1. We can add egg shell powder as the supplement.
2 Refill display product 40 minute When the display cabinet placed next to kitchen looks empty, tell our staff and follow him in the process.
3 Collect alga or moss for duck food 40 minute Around 10 o’clock in the morning or 4 o’clock in the evening. We can also swim at the lake.
4 Collect kopa/clam for duck food 1 hour
5 Produce kukui/candlenut oil 1 hour Separate the candlenut seed from its shell. Chop it with machine, then put it inside cold press machine to drain the oil. Collect oil in jerry can.
6 Produce coconut oil 1 hour Put dry old coconut pieces inside cold press machine to drain the oil. Collect oil in jerry can.
7 Make hommade nutella +- 1 hour Blend roasted cocoa bean with cooking oil, sugar, a little bit of cinnamon powder, and candlenut oilcake.
8 Make Gultom/tomato sauce +- 2 hours Blend tomato with garlic and red chilli. Cook with sugar, salt, and vinegar. Then add Tapioka flour solution to thicken.
9 Make bread and baguette +- 2 hours Make when stock almost runs out or customer order.
10 Make pizza +- 3 hours
11 Make cinnamon roll +- 3 hours
12 Make noodle +- 2 hours Available in 2 variants, fried noodle and gomak noodle.
13 Sauna 2 hours Feel the new experience to do sauna with pizza’s oven! Include kukui/candlenut cream to massage your body.



1 Take a look at wine vault/storage 30 minutes See various kind of Silimalombu wine and learn the production steps. Including wine testing.
2 See bee hive 30 minutes Learn easy way to raising bee at home.
3 Playing solu/canoe 1 hour 3 canoes available. Two of them are homemade.
4 Swimming at Toba Lake Till u freeze Give attention to wave height and weather before u enter the lake. Ask for life jacket if needed.
5 Fishing Till u get bored Anytime u want as long as the fish bait available. U can find various fish in Toba Lake while enjoying the view.
6 Harvest fruits and vegetables 1 hour We can harvest fruits like guava, papaya, water apple, passion fruit, and banana. And for vegetables we can harvest cassava leaves, chayote/squash, shoots/tip of squash plant, tomato, chilli, water kale, caraway (bangun-bangun) leaves, and moringa (kelor) leaves.





  1. If you interest with one of the activities that mentioned above or have a question, reach our staff and asked for it.
  2. Activities under title CONDITIONAL/ IF U’RE LUCKY means the activity done in occasional time. If u interest, ask for it to our staff.
  3. Activities under title ALWAYS AVAILABLE means the activity done every time u want it. Give attention to the description. Don’t forget to coordinate your will or your problem with our staff.


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