Daun insulin / Paitan

Scientific Name: Tithonia Diversifolia

Bahasa Indonesian: Daun Insulin / Paitan

Batak:  Bunga Sipaet-paet

Basic Information:

Tithonia diversifolia is a species of flowering plant in the family Asteraceae that is commonly known as the tree marigold,[2] Mexican tournesol, Mexican sunflower, Japanese sunflower or Nitobe chrysanthemum. It is native to Mexico and Central America but has a nearly pantropical distribution as an introduced species.[1] Depending on the area they may be either annual or perennial. It has shown great potential in raising the soil fertility in soils depleted in nutrients.[3] Originating in Mexico; research has shown its potential in benefiting poor African farmers.[4] This plant is a weed that grows quickly and has become an option as an affordable alternative to expensive synthetic fertilizers.[5] It has shown to increase plant yields and the soil nutrients of nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K).[5]

Health Benefit :

The benefits of attribution are as follows:
Organic fertilizer supplement, to support plant growth and production.Reducing pollutants and reducing the level of active P, Al and Fe.

Organic fertilizer, able to increase the fresh weight of plants because it is easily decomposed and can provide nitrogen and other nutrients for plants. The advantage of paitan litter as organic fertilizer is that it quickly decomposes and releases the available N, P and K elements. Application of organic fertilizer from paitan increases the productivity of soybean, rice, tomato, okra, and is reported as a major source of nutrients in maize in Kenya, Malawi and Zimbabwe. [3]

Lowering glucose levels in the blood so that it is very beneficial for diabetics / diabetes. Therefore, Kipait is also called an insulin plant [4].

Treating itching and scabies, by boiling kipait leaves then water used bath water, while the remaining leaves rubbed on the itchy area [4].

It oxidizes the skin of bacterial cells, meaning that it can be used as a bactericide because it contains the compound ‘Picrassane quassioniod.’

Preventing the growth of fungal parasites, the content of 4-methilaten picrasane type quassinoid, janicins H, I and J on the leaves gives the effect of mushrooms difficult to survive.

Test material for soaking goldfish egg.