Vision and Mission


This is our vision for the future of Silimalombu, Samosir Island, Lake Toba and beyond. This is the work we are already doing, the projects we are working towards and the dream that drives us. This is the network of individuals, organizations and partners who believe that this vision can be a reality and who are already taking action themselves.

Our vision is a ecosystem of related values.

We believe in collective empowerment. We challenge the world view that wealth is based on money. Instead we value our relationships to each other and the riches that we are surrounded by in the natural world. We harness the power of the natural world such as solar energy that is plentiful and free. We want to share this with our community and empower them. We want to be self-reliant and propose an alternative, resource-based economy.

We believe deeply in ecology our relationship to Nature and how we can restore the balance between the natural world and how we live our lives. We defend our environment against those that damage it, or threaten it, for the sake of profit. We turn to the earth and the lake for our sustenance and sustainable living.

We believe in innovation fusing our old cultural wisdom with new technology. Learning, giving and sharing will enable us to evolve towards a future that is fertile and beneficial for all.

We believe in connecting with ourselves, each other, and nature.

We want you to join us!

Our Mission

We create a permaculture paradise. We have the focus on plants, what you can eat. We look, were the plants want to grow and help them to do this. We work with the nature and not against them. We work fully organic. We reduce our ecologic foodprint at each of our operations. We want to reach the Zero Emission. We work on it, that all our food come out of our nature. We create products out of the nature and sell them directly to our guests. We are independent from the money, because we have the richness of our nature, were we take care of.

We want to give to all of our visitors and guests inspiration for their way of lifestyle:

  • How to eat healthy food?
  • How to prepare healthy food?
  • How to reduce chemicals and cosmetics?
  • How to prepare raw food meals?
  • How to go around with resources responsible?
  • How to reduce waste?
  • How to plant herbs and fruits just at home?
  • How to work on your family, neighbors, friends, working place and government to live sustainable?

We give examples and also train the people to work on it in an easy way.

Also we work on effectivity: How to use the time and the resources to reach the aim in the best way? How to make things better. We are always open for new ideas, which directly can be tried and used. And we know, we can fail. To fail just means, we are able to learn.