Volunteering in Silimalombu

We are looking for long term Volunteers

My Family has an old Mangoforest at the beach of Lake Toba.
We make out of the Mangos wine, jam, vinegar, chutney. And of course also cakes.

Also we process our candle nuts to oil and detergent.

And all the time we work on other projects, like making chocolate, creating a Solarboat, going on with our permaculture food forest,  trying to make make Aquaponic, building a house in the forest and and and….

We wake up early and doing mostly the whole day something until the evening. Sometimes hard work in the forest or for construction, then also just work on a website or on products to get the place as a hotspot for a self sustaining place.

We can offer free food and accommodation at our farmstay at the wonderful beach of Lake Toba.

In the moment we sign out a Botanical Garden. For this also we can need support.

We like Volunteers, they really enjoy doing something with an intrinsic motivation. They see things themselves and they can use their brain by the things, they are doing. And they enjoy to create the paradise on earth by working on it and not only by talking.

This can be by working in the field, by constructions, by marketing or by computer or all together. We have things need to be done, like feeding our pigs or weeding or cleaning up or then projects, this can be done, when the people being here like to do it.

For us it is important, that our Volunteers really have an own initiative and like to learn and try new things. We don´t want ask all the time: “Can you please help here or here?” and all the time we don´t want to stay like a slave holder all the time behind and activate, that something is getting done.

We are not the owner of the land. We just can use the land of the family. But we use it like our own. This we also expect of our Volunteers for the time they stay here. You should like to have the feeling of being owner of the land and of the property and use it like your own property. We don´t want to be your boss. We serve the place and the nature. And we want to invite you for this.

Our community of people being here like to do something the whole day and they have fun with it and for us it is important, that you as a volunteer can share this spirit. Than you are really warmly welcome and we will have a lot of fun together and also we will singing or cooking or playing together cards or chess or going to events around Lake Toba together. It will be nice for both sides.

But also we have to write: If you have the mindset of working poor, that you account the hours, what you have to work to get free accommodation and food and all the time you have to be activated and you already account the hours, you prepared your own food or cleaning up your own room and think this enough, than don´t come. Then better you work at Mc Donalds in your hometown and go for travel and pay for accommodation and food. You have to know, that an Indonesian salary for one day is just 7 USD. This money you can earn in one hour in a stupid job, therefore you don´t have to come to our place and you just loose your time and destroy our motivation.

We just like to and create things and we have everything what we need and we want to share this and the spirit of this richness of the nature and the wonderful place at Lake Toba. We know, we are rich and we want to share this with you. Our food out of the nature, the Lake and the power of creating things.

After 10 years working with Volunteers, we made now the decision, that we want to know our voluteers first, bevore we offer the Volunteering. For this, you first have to make a booking for one week at our homestay. After or in the week, we can find out if you match with us. Then we can accept you as a Volunteer.

Welcome to the paradise!