What we are doing now in Ecovillage Silimalombu to make it Covid-19  save for us and for other – Practice “The New Normal” is getting real.

We introduce now the following rules:

    1. Washing the hands with soap for 20 seconds
      We give this to all of our places, where the people can wash their hands.

      – for each guest, he want to enter our terrace or house
      – each time, when somebody is going to prepare food or cleaning dishes
      – Each time, when somebody want to eat something or smoke a cigarette
      – after going to the toilet.
      – we prepared 3 additional places to wash the hands.

    2. Disinfecting the table where food is processed with soap
    3. To preparing food only with a protecting mask or face shield
    4. Keep distance to everybody come from outside for 1 m
    5. Of course handshaking only if both directly washed the hand before or both wash the hands after shaking.
    6. Dish cleaning with soap: At least 20 seconds the soap has to work on the plates.
    7. Create sitting areas, where the distance is automatically more then 1 m. A very good trick for this is to use the edges of the tables. For this the distance is getting bigger and you safe space at your restaurant.
      This is a setting to get 6 people placed at a table with the social distance of 1 m. Use the edges of the table!
      Changing the bench to the other side make this setting Covid-19 safe for 6 people. Even the people discus hard!

      To put a flower on the table make the distance for the people around the table for more then 1 m. Five people can sit now safe here.
    8. All the towels laying around in Indonesia in a kitchen are a huge potential for spreading the virus also:
      Everywhere in Indonesia, you have this huge deposits of Virus and bacterial. This cannot be anymore. Each towel has to be disinfected with hot water above 65 C after each use and hanging for drying.

      We just make a bowl with hot water, where the towels go directly after usage.

      All the towels come directly after use to a hot pot for disinfection.
    9. We take care of each other, that we don´t go with the hand to the mouth as a reflex. This we have to learn and it is only working, if we remain us all the time.
    10. If somebody is working for cooking or serving food, he has to wear a mask or a face shield. We have an open kitchen. The air can come from all sides. Therefore a face shield is the better option.
    11. For harvesting fruits and vegetables, which are getting eaten fresh and not cooked, before he has to wash his hand for 20 seconds with soap and has to wear a mask or the fruits are getting washed with soap.
    12. All the public areas, which are getting touched and used have to be disinfected at a minimum daily, often touched things like doors of toilets maybe even each hour.
    13. The eggs from our chicken and ducks are getting directly after taken from the land washed with sand and water and then with soap, before they enter the storage.
    14. Guest in our Restaurant can come, if they follow all this rules. We put them at our entrance, that everybody know this. The guests are getting served, they cannot take the food from the Buffet.

      In front of our entrance we mounted signs that people have to wash their hands before they enter.
    15. Guest for our homestay also still can come, when they follow our rules.
    16. Smoking is a double risk:
      – for smoking you go with your hand to your mouth. You touch the lighter and the cigarettes, even you wash your hand before. It is a high risk!
      – With smoking your make your body weak and specially the lungs, where the Covid-19 give you the disease. It is the best to stop smoking now! Especially, if you are over 50 years old. And also for the others around you give the smoke to their lungs. (But maybe Nicotine also is protecting from an Covid-19 infection. This is at the moment also discussed, because French and Chinese studies show a very low percentage of smokers by hospitalized patients…. but nicotine also can be intake with other methods.
    17. Out of this, smoking is not allowed in Silimalombu only in the smoking area.. And go away from ANYBODY who can get the smoke from your Cigarette. This rule we will keep, even the Corona time is over!
    18. If somebody of us is going somewhere else, we follow also all this rules, that we don´t bring the virus to Silimalombu: We keep distance, we don shake hands, we wash our hands before smoking and we only eat outside, if the places, where we eat follow the same rules of hygienic in the kitchen.

And  we developed a label, which everybody can print out and hang this in front of his guesthouse or also use this online, to give the people the safety of corona. Then our Guesthouses and Restaurants still can be open and don´t have to be closed like in already a lot of western countries.

Just an idea, to make a label for Hotel and restaurants, they take care and make it safe again for people for eat and drink and sleep. Of course, it will take time, that people will come again. But why not to work already for this.

What is important to know about Covid-19

For us it is clear, that at the end of the Corona pandemic between 60 and 80 % of the Indonesian also will be infected. But we need time, that this is not getting to fast. The density of respiratory equipment in Indonesia is very rare. Better we have the time, that we can wait until there is a medicine against Covid-19 available in Indonesia. This will take some month or maybe one year or even more.

If we look at the development in Italy, we cannot go the risk of a fast spreading.

It needs action now and the other countries shows us, that it is possible to drop the risk down. China is now a safe place! (but just for now, the virus come back there. Let us make us safe now and let us make our life enjoying again. We just have to take care a little bit and change some behaviors:

This things everybody can do:

  • Wear a face shield if you are close to other people, that you cannot infect somebody out of your house
  • Wash your hands with soap  for minimum of 20 seconds
  • Keep a distance to everybody not come from your house for 1 meter
  • Be careful with preparing food and cleaning dishes and think: Where the virus can have access and distinguish the possibility?
    • The table is disinfected, where I prepare food?
    • The plates are disinfected which I use for cooking and for serving?
    • The table and the chairs of the guests are disinfected.
    • etc……………
  • Be aware: Everybody out of your house can be infected, even he don´t know himself! Keep the distance:
    • At a market
    • when you meet more people
    • In a bus or a taxi
    • at a funeral
    • …….just everywhere!
  • Eat at much raw food as possible. Everything what is not cooked has much more Vitamin C. The risk of a serious Covid 19 desease is much lower, if your deposit of Vitamin C is full. Always we provide you a lot of fruits and herbs which come directly out of our organic garden.

And if just follow this, also you can run a restaurant or a hotel! And we think this follow full the regulations from the Indonesian Hotel and Restaurant Organisation (PHRI) from the 1st of June 2020:

Here the download:

Surat PHRI kepada Hotel & Restoran tentang Panduan Pencegahan Covid 19 V2

Also we follow the standards of the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism for CHSE. We applied for the certification of it.

For our guests we developed a new Information leaflet:




For all our booked guests we have a cancellation policy of a full refund if they cannot stay because of a Covid-19 disease. We wish you then all the best and we can welcome you soon.

All the time we are updating this page, just look again here and if you have a tip, to make something better send us an email to