Mango-Rugby© – The new Funsport in the Tropics

It is high performance, it’s slime, it’s funny, it is healthy for the skin and for the body and it takes a lot of energy!

The official Mango-Rugby© Rules of the World Mango-Rugby© Federation

You play a kind of Rugby with 9 other men and women in a pool of wet, fresh organic Mango seeds and skins and residuals after pressing out the juice of the Mango after harvesting. This sport can be done everywhere, where a lot of organic Mango are getting harvested.

It needs a soft pool with 7 to 3 m. Small goals with a high of 60 cm and a wide of 100 cm. And a full sized Rugby ball. Each player needs a swim suit. No jewellery which can hurt somebody. The players wash their body just before in the lake and come already wet to the pool.

One team has to be recruited from Men and Women. At least each of this Gender has to be two persons. The referee has to be a women (Just to get a way to Gender Equality in Sports).

The referee throw the ball in the middle of the Pool from the side high, that he will come down nearly in the center of the Pool. Then the time runs. Each game has only 12 minutes net. It is a fast game. The time stopped if the referee interrupts the game when:

  • the ball fall outside of the pool (He wash the ball in water, that no sand or stones or dirty come inside of the pool. He give the ball again in the middle to the pool
  • he interrupts the the game, when somebody make a foul. A foul is
    • when somebody gives any act of aggressiveness to somebody else
    • if somebody touch intended the other in a sexual way
    • A person who made a foul has now to lie down with the face to his own goal and the person who has been fouled sit on him and get the ball. After the referee gives a sign the game goes on.
  • Also he interrupt the game, if somebody is injured and it needs to interrupt.

If somebody make the second foul, he is disqualified for this and for the next game. The team has to play this game with one person less.

All Body contact is allowed if the only intend is to get the ball. But it is not allowed to grab from behind between the legs. The sexual zones have to be absolutely respected.

After the game all the players come together in a mixed circle. His neighbors are from the other team. then all turn left and give the other in front a back massage with the mango. And by a commando of the referee they sing all together the Batak Song:” O Tano Batak”

The rules and the name Mango-Rugby© is the property of the World Mango-Rugby©Federation with his Headquarter in Silimalombu.