Batak Fashion Face Mask


A Batak Face Mask out of Sarung Tonunan Balige

The mask in th e shape of a normal medical one way mask, but fully washable

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Face masks still need an acceptance, that it is trendy to use them. Then we got the idea to make a special Batak face masks.

Made out of the Material of “Sarung Tonunan Balige”. 100 % Cotton. That it fits around the nose, we also put a piece of stainless steel inside, that it really fits around the nose.  It helps, that you don´t spread the Corona Virus so much to other people. Now the entire world understands, that this is one of the most helpful things to reduce the spreading of the Virus.

It is made by the women in Silimalombu, by a supervision of teacher. On order we can deliver high amounts of the face masks.

Also in Silimalombu everybody can learn, how to make it. We are working on an online tutorial, that everybody can make it.


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