Water Hyazinth

Medicinal benefits of water hyacinth!

Medicinal benefits of water hyacinth!
Recently water hyacinth has become tal
Recently water hyacinth has become talk of the town. As we have little bit conception about this aquatic plant that’s why we’re ignoring this plant. But actually it has many health benefits as well as water cleansing properties. So let’s have a look on medicinal benefit of water hyacinth.
Water hyacinth is a free-floating perennial aquatic plant or hydrophyte. It is found almost everywhere in Bangladesh. So if we have enough knowledge about the benefit of water hyacinth easily we can use it according to our requirement. The important medicinal benefit of water hyacinth are discussed below-
Works as an anti-inflammatory substance
In the Philippines, the combination of lemon juice and hyacinth juice is to treat abscesses. It is applied topically to heal the inflammation.
For healthier digestion
Stir fried hyacinth beans can really make digestion smooth! Traditional Chinese Medicine uses the beans to keep the spleen healthy. The herb is also known to treat diarrhea, nausea, distended stomach, intestinal, worms and flatulence.
Controls blood cholesterol
The hypo cholesterollemic properties of hyacinth beans control cholesterol levels in the body.
Treats cholera
The stem of this plant can be used to treat cholera. Symptoms like nausea and vomiting can be reduced with the help of stir fried hyacinth beans.
Treats eczema
The leaf extracts of this plant can be mixed with rice flour and turmeric to treat skin problems like eczema.
Makes skin healthy
Many skin care products contain hyacinth. The use of Hyacinth and its antimicrobial, antifungal and antibacterial properties make it the perfect choice for treating many skin disorders.
Great fragrance to the hair
Though Hyacinth is not known for its hair care benefits but it provides the shampoos and conditioners that amazing fragrance to of a fresh flower.
Heals sore throat
The juice extracted from the pods of the hyacinth plant can be used to heal an inflamed throat as well as ears.
Treats snake bites
A poultice, prepared with the extracts of the hyacinth bean leaves, can be used to treat snake bites.
Works to treat SDIs (Sexually Transmitted Disease)
Sexually transmitted diseases, such as gonorrhea, can be treated with the help of infusions prepared with the leaves of the hyacinth plant.
Specially for women
Women can really make use of this plant to get a healthier body! In Kenya, some tribes use this herb to promote lactation. A new mother can consume boiled hyacinth beans to make the most of it. Its flowers, on the other hand, can help women who suffer from irregular periods.

Md Billal Hossen is MS student, Department of Applied Nutrition and Food Technology, Faculty of Biological Science, Islamic University, Bangladesh.