Cranberry Hibiscus Tea


50 gram organic Cranberry Hibiscus Tea from Silimalombu

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From the leaves and the flowers we make the Cranberry Hibiscus Tea. The leaves and the flowers are getting dried in the shadow and later shredded to tea blend. The tea has a wonderful. light sour taste and the Color of the tea is from pink to red. It depends how much of the tea you put inside.

Also it is reported, that the tea has a lot of health benefits, especially a high inflammatory potential. At our homepage we list you the health benefits we found, which are reported from this plant.

A Thai University researched about this plant and the antioxidant Potential of this plant. They found a lot. Here you can read the article in the researchgate

For an infusion it is good to boil 2 g for one cup for 5 minutes and let it steep for another 10 minutes. And also you can give a few times hot water on the tea again. Still more come out of the leaves.

We sell the organic Cranberry Hibiscus tea in Stand up pouches of 50 gram. It is easy to close again, that you can have the tea for along time. (Maybe not, because it is really taste and you want to drink more and more)


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