Scientific Name: Averrhoa carambola

Bahasa Indonesia: Belimbing

Batak: Belimbing

Basic Information: The starfruit plant is a species of tree in the family Oxalidaceae. It is a slow-growing evergreen tree that grows 5-12 meters tall. The branches are drooping and the wood is white and turns reddish. It has a bushy shape with many branches producing a broad, rounded crown. The leaves are soft, medium-green, and spirally arranged around the branches in an alternate fashion. The flowers are rose to red-purple, small and bell shaped and have five petals that have whitish edges. The flowers are often produced year round in tropical conditions. The fruits have a thin, waxy skin that is orange-yellow in color. The juicy fruits are yellow inside when ripe and have a crisp texture. When cut in the cross section, the fruits are star shaped. The tree is native to Southeast Asia and the Indian subcontinent.

Health Benefits:

  1. Promotes Digestion – high levels of fiber treat various digestion problems.
  2. Aids in Weight Loss – high levels of nutrients and minimum calories makes this fruit ideal for weight loss. The fiber also helps keep you fuller longer.
  3. Maintains Cardiovascular Health – potassium found in starfruit helps maintain a healthy heart and effectively control blood pressure levels.
  4. Protects your Eyes – the vitamin A found in starfruit is essential to maintaining eye health. In addition, it can ward off eye problems like cataracts and macular degeneration.
  5. Good Source of Protein – starfruit is considered a powerhouse of protein, which helps maintain neurological health and balances hormones.
  6. Relieves Pain – high levels of magnesium helps to treat headaches, backaches, and muscle cramps and joint pain.
  7. Antimicrobial Properties – the antimicrobial properties found in starfruit can help treat infections.
  8. Helps with Inflammation – saponins, flavonoids, and vitamin C are all found in starfruit, which help ward off inflammation in the body.
  9. Boosts the Immune System – high levels of vitamin C improve the conditions of your immune system and the antioxidants function to alleviate factors like infections, free radicals, toxins, and cancerous cells.
  10. Treats Cough – the vitamins and minerals found in starfruit can treat cough and irritation caused by constant coughs.
  11. Prevents Cancer – the antioxidants found in starfruit not only destroy free radicals, but prevent the growth of cancerous cells as well.
  12. Regulates Sugar Levels – the high content of fiber can prevent sugar cravings and crashes. In addition, starfruit can become a safe source to regulate irregular sugar rates in your bloodstream.
  13. Helps with Skincare – the nutrients found in starfruit are said to treat various skin diseases like pigmentation and eczema. It can also help to treat acne and help fade acne scars. The vitamin C can also delay early aging.

Fun Facts:

  • The fruit folds its leaves during the night as a response to the vibrations of the tree
  • Starfruit starts to produce fruit 3-4 years after planting and mature trees can produce 200-400 pounds of fruit per year
  • Starfruit leaves and roots are sometimes used in traditional medicine as the treatment of chickenpox, headaches, and ringworm