Development Lake Toba

We create here a platform to help to develop a masterplan for Lake Toba to create an Eco Tourism Destination, which is the aim of the President of Indonesia Joko Widodo and he installed the Lake Toba Authority  (BODT) to realize it. With this platform we want to give everybody the possibility also give his ideas and we will publish the ideas here, to discuss this in the workshops or also in the public.

  • For the first now we take place in the process to improve the water quality of Lake Toba. There the Maritim Ministery installed a Workshop together with the BODT, the Worldbank, and all the stakeholders around Lake Toba. Here we talk place in the process and we gave our ideas how to improve the water quality by dropping out the Aquafarms to safe a lot of money for the Government and improve the income of the region and clean the water of Lake Toba. Here you can read the ideas