Development Lake Toba

Since 2010 we are involved in the sustainable development of Lake Toba. We see the potential of one of the best tourism places for an Eco tourism. The landscape and the climate and the culture is wonderful for this.

To get this done in a sustainable way, it needs:

  • a sustainable transport system around the lake with cable cars and solar boats
  • needs biking and hiking trails all around Samosir and around Lake Toba
  • no polluting industries like pulp industries, aquafarms on the lake, pig factories
  • development of the local structures for Accomodation, Restaurants and Cultural aktivities, Agrotourism and ecologic farming, producing and trading

Here we are working to get this done with:

  • the Lake Toba Authority (BODPT)
  • the ministry for Tourism and creative Economy (Kemenparegraf)
  • the Government of Samosir (Kapupaten)
  • the Hotel and Restaurant Organization of Samosir (PHRI)
  • The Organization of the small and medium Enterprises (UMKM)
  • The Lake Toba Heritage Foundation (YPDT)
  • The Foundation Permakomm
  • The Cooperative of Producers of Lake Toba
  • and a lot of others, like ARMATI, The Lutteran World Foundation………etc.

We just want to give ideas and like it, that the things are getting done. In Indonesian: VANTAS and MARGUNA. This are the couples of 2 parties, they run for the election of a regent on Samosir. Now they work together as one team. We support them.

Vantas means to create visions

MARGUNA: Getting things done.