Mango Festival Silimalombu

We think the oldest Mango Tree around Lake Toba we have in Silimalombu. It is a around 500 year old tree, where you need 4 people to surround the stem. The “Mangga Toba” is small and very sweet and you eat it with the skin (if it is not sprayed like the organic Mangos in Silimalombu)

With the empowerment of the New elected Bupati Vandiko Gultom we celbrated  the

1. Mango Festival at Lake Toba

from the 28th of May until 3rd of June

A Festival for the richness of our Environment and our culture

A mixture of 

              • Entrepreneurship
              • Culinery
              • Funsports
              • Culture
              • Native Products
              • Development of Lake Toba


  • Mango Climbing (up to 30m high)
  • Mango juice and wine making
  • Mango Jam and Sambal making
  • Baking Mango Cake
  • Mango Cocktails and Mocktails
  • Mango collecting competition (in the early morning)
  • Mango bath and spa
  • Mango Rugby ( a New Fun Sport in a pool filled with wet Mango seeds and residuals – very funny)
    founded in Silimalombu. Launching at the 8th of May. The first Indonesian Championship is getting hold at the 11th of May. (More Info about the new Fun Sport click here)
  • Mango culinary (Mango cake, Mango Icecrean, Mango jam, Mango Sambal, Mango Juice, Mango Wine, mango Pancake, Mango Puree, salted and sweet Mango, Mango Tilappia, Aili Mango sweet sour, Mango Kenikir Salad……….
  • Floating Market of the small and medium business Enterprises of Samosir (UMKM)
  • Presentation of all of the good of Samosir, which are getting produced here
  • Each morning a discussion circle in the old house of Raja Polin Gultom about themes for the future of Lake Toba and the Bataks
  • Camping under the Mango Trees
  • Daily boats to the event
  • Akustik Batak Music to sing together in a circle – NO SOUNDSYSTEMS – The power of the real! Endless from 2 pm until…………..(Tuak habis)
  • Mango Carry dance by BORGUL’s

What you get?

  • You can try all the Mango products
  • You can eat as much Mango you find
  • You can take part in all activities
  • You can built your tent here and also under the huge Mango Tree up in our forest,  you can use our toilets
  • If you want to sleep in the house we offer you Tikkar and Blanket (limited place, reservation required)
  • free usage of our Kemiri Sauna (please bring a sarong or a towel and cloth to change with you)
  • free parking
Program 28. May 29. May 30. May 31. May 1. June 2. June
Mango Collecting Competition (For each Basket it get one bottle of wine) 6-8 6-8 6-8 6-8 6-8 6-8
Mango Fruit Juice Making (Dancing on the Mango to get the juice out) 8-10 8-10 8-10 8-10 8-10 8-10
Mango Wine Making (how is the process and how it is getting done, with testing of the young wine 10-11 10-11 10-11 10-11 10-11 10-11
Cooking Mango Jam 13-15 13-15
Cooking Mango Chutney 13-15 13-15
Baking Mango Crumble Cake 9-10 9-10 9-10 9-10
Baking the biggest Mango Pie of the World for the Guiness Book of records 10-15
Mango Rugby Games and Qualifying 14-16 14-16 14-16
1. Indonesian Mango Rugby Championship 14-18
Floating Market of UMKM 11-18 11-18 11-18 11-18 11-18 11-18
Presentation of the goods of Samosir 11-18 11-18 11-18 11-18 11-18 11-18
Discussion about the future of Lake Toba and the Bataks 10-12
How to elect Raja Sisingamangaraja XIII?
How to get the Lake Toba clean from the waste of the Aquafarms?
Presentation from UMKM: How to promote the local products?
Cable Cars for Lake Toba. Concept of 110 Kilometer
Does it make sense to make a Batak Province?
Project VANDIKO:The first 100 days of his Regency
Singing Circle of the Bataks 2-tuak habis 2-tuak habis 2-tuak habis 2-tuak habis 2-tuak habis 2-tuak habis
Mango Climbing and Harvesting 11-15 11-15 11-15 11-15 11-15 11-15
Mango Eating competition 15-16
Mango Bath and Spa 11-15 11-15 11-15 11-15 11-15 11-15
Kemiri Sauna 11-24 11-24 11-24 11-24 11-24 11-24
Mango Coctails and Moktails 17-24 17-24 17-24 17-24 17-24 17-24
Mango Culinery (not all at the same time) 7-23 7-23 7-23 7-23 7-23 7-23
Mango Carry Dance by THE BORGUL’s 18.18- 18.22 18.18- 18.22 18.18- 18.22 18.18- 18.22 18.18- 18.22 18.18- 18.22
Opening Event 10-12
Finale 10 – 12
Daily Main Event 12-13 12-13 12-13 12-13 12-13 12-13

Event Organizer

UMKM Samosir


UMKM Caldera Toba,

We will ask the Minister for Tourism, the local Authority for Tourism, local companies and persons, Foundations for Lake Toba, and and and around to help with a sponsorship for the event. For the sponsor we prepared Sponsor packages. We will have Titel Sponsor package, Gold, Silver and Bronze packages and of course also special request packages to support. If you are interested in it, please send us a message, then we give you more information. or WA/HP: 081260858209

After the 1. Festival Mangga Toba we will go for the 2nd one in the next harvesting season. Maybe already in January 2022. The documentary about the Mangofestival you can download under this link: Mango Festival Samosir

A lot of Photos and videos you can find here on google photos. Just click on the photos: