Project Wikitravel

Wikitravel is a worlwide travel plattform. It has a lot of advantages:

  • it is functionable in all languages
  • it is very easy to edit by everybody
  • if it is getting filled with real information than it can be THE TRAVEL GUIDEBOOK for all people, they come to Lake Toba or to Indonesia.
  • In each publication can be dropped to link to Wikitravel
  • It is a free marketing tool. And it is powerful. The most western Tourists look at this platform, when they plan to start a travel. There is no cheaper, easier and more effectiv tool to increase tourism at lake Toba or Indonesia.
  • ThWikitravel is organiced by regions. Therefore you can have the structure:
    • Lake Toba
    • Each Regency can have a page
    • down under it can be each Kecamatan
    • and as the last step each Desa
  • All Informations can be given there:
    • Overview about the Regency/Kecamatan/Desa
    • Listings for:
      • places to sleep
      • To eat
      • to drink
      • to buy
      • itineries
      • Tourguides
    • Maps
    • how to reach and how to go around
    • all the phonenumbers, WA contacts, Email adresses, Webpages of the providers
    • Specialities of food
    • Events
  • It is free of charge
  • it don´t needs to be programmed it is ready to use
  • Everybody can edit
  • It is independent
  • The information is free and the hosts or customer don´t need to pay the commissions to the portals like Airbnb, Traveloka,, Tripadvisor. This save around 15 % of the Accomodation costs for the guest, which the guests can spend in the region and the money is going to the people.

Status quo

There exists for the whole Lake Toba Area only the page of Lake Toba and Parapat. nothing else. And this only in English and Dutch language. The Information on the page for Lake Toba we started to update it in April 2018. Now already you can find the Information of the Airport in Silangit and how to come from there to Tuktuk. There is no information in Indonesian Language, there is nothing about Balige or Bakkara or something else. You only can find Accomodations in Tuktuk.

What can be done?

Each village can have the own page with all the information of everything what is interesting or useful for a toruist. The tourists than can be informed about the area, before they come. If they get more information, what to do and what are all the specialities of Lake Toba, then a lot of them will stay much more longer and already will arrive much more happy, because they have an access to all relevant information from one source, which is actual and valid. This is a huge problem of all Indonesian destinations. With this tool it can be changed to give everybody, who want to travel in Indonesia, the full information

How this can be done?

It just need to be continued. Everybody can contribute. It just need to be published, that we are working on it. And invite everybody to do it. We started in Tuktuk and Silimalombu with it. Where is the potential to get this Electronic Guidebook written and used?

  • We started with the PHRI in Samosir to edit the page
  • All the touriistic departments of the Government around lake Toba or Indonesia can work on it. They can start to make the Indonesian page of it. It only needs 3 people to start with it. How it is explanined here
  • Each hotel, restaurant, toruoperator, shop can put himself on the listings
  • The tourists themselve can edit and add things, they are interested in
  • The BODT can promote this way of marketing
  • In each publication of all the toruistic partners this link can be used to promote the tool:
  • the tourists can help to translate in other languages to have the information also in other languages.
  • It don´t needs money to start with it, it just needs to started.

Let´s do it NOW!