Face Shields the better mask


Even with a face shield you still can eat and you still have the protection that a load talk or a cough from somebody is not going to your face and also still not all from you go to the other.

We try to give an overview of the dis-/advantages of  a face mask and the face shield:

Face Mask Face Shield
Can keep more virus particle, if it has a lot of layers Can only protect from the drops they come from others or they go out. By copper, it can keep 96 % of the virus.
If the mask is not getting changed in the tropics by strong working each half our, it is getting wet, the virus can stay there inside a long time and getting spread from there as an Aerosol The drops going to the shield, very fast dry and cannot survive a long time on this surface
All masks are not comfortable to wear, especially it is hot and if you have to work. The people sweat much more.

Nearly All masks are fixed behind the ears. This is for a long time not comfortable.

A face shield is comfortable to wear. It is fixed around the head and it has just a few gram. If it at the upside open, always it has fully fresh air to breath.
Because the masks are not comfortable to wear, all the time, the people put it away, they put it in the pocket, they just drop it down under of the mouth and then, if they have to wear the mask is getting fixed again. All the time in this process, the mask is getting touched with both hands. And to fix the mask, the middle of the mask is getting touched all the time. With this even the fresh washed hands are contaminated again and the people go in interaction and touch things, with other people later also will touch.

If they would not wear the mask, the risk is even less, to spread the virus, then with a mask, because the people would not pollute the hands with the fully load of the virus.

The masks are a health risk!

The face shield protect the whole face, that it is getting difficult to touch your face.

This effect alone make, that you don´t touch with your hand with a reflex your face, nose, mouth or eyes. You don´t want to make your screen dirty. This protection no mask give you.

Also you cannot bring the virus with your hands to your eyes, which is also an entrance for the virus.

The face mask is getting touched all the time, because if it is hot, you need to scratch you or you need to fix the mask again. We observed in Medan, that there is nearly nobody, who not touch his mask at least once in 3 minutes. That means after 3 minutes the hands are polluted with Covid-19 again, after washing the hands. The face shield will not be touched at the polluted parts. This is the screen, which need to be clean. You only touch it at the side, where is nearly no virus load.
If the mask not has to be used, the mask is getting stowed. Often just in a pocket of the shirt or a trouser. With this also the ropes are getting polluted. The whole mask has a virus load. Then if the mask is already wet, which is normal in the tropics, the virus can stay there a long time. Then it is getting pooled aut again and put to the face. Even the virus, which come from other people and getting filtered from the mask are going with this to the person, who use the mask. Nearly nobody washed his hand again for 20 seconds with soap or disinfection If the mask not has to be used, often she still stay at the same position at the head and will not getting touched. It is difficult to store it. Out of this, it will stay or just put up and it stay on the head and is getting transported like this.
The masks are mostly maybe cleaned once a day. The people have maybe in the average 2 masks. The masks are getting fashion and getting used a long time. A mask should have 20 layers. The most have much less. A Face Shield has to be clean, because otherwise you cannot see clear anymore. Out of this, the mask is getting cleaned several times a day.
To get the masks often changed, the only practicable way is to use one way masks, which are provided every where. Then everybody in a gastronomy will use 20 a day, because they have to be changed each 30 minutes. A faces shield is easy to clean just with a tissue and a little bit of alcohol or a microfiber with water and soap in a few seconds.

Also a cheap shield out of a laminating pouch fixed with a velcro can be collected in a container with soap water in a restaurant for all the staff and/or the guest, where everybody can take also a fresh disinfected and clear screen again. This shields can be produced for less then 20 cent and also can be used for marketing on the top of the shield.

If you work in a kitchen all the time you operate with food. Your hands have to be clean. If you just go one time with the hand to your mask, you have to clean your hand with soap for 20 seconds again. If you have to try the food you prepare, you have to take the mask down, clean your hand for 20 seconds because you cannot touch anything before, then you try and fit your mask again. Then you have to clean your hand for 20 seconds again. No problem with a face shield. You just can go with a spoon to your face. And clean the spoon in the normal dish cleaning process.
Communication is not only working with words. It is fully supported also with the movement of the face and especially with the face. With a face mask you cannot see the mouth and the feeling of the face. Out of this it is getting a lot of misunderstanding. It needs much more words to get the communication done. And it needs much closer contact that you can hear the other person. Through the effect, that the people think, they are safe, when they use the mask, they don´t keep the social distance, which has a much higher effect. With a face shield you can see the face and the mouth. The effect of this huge face shield make naturally a bigger distance between the people. The social distance is much more hold with the face shield.
If all the staff in a Restaurant run around with face masks like in a hospital this give to all the people the feeling, that something is not safe. It give a feeling of insecurity. To eat with this kind of feeling, our immune system is getting already active and each virus and bacterial has it more easy to produce a dammage to the body. Just think about the “Self fulfilling prophecy A clear face shield give the feeling of cleanliness and transparency. It give safety and the people go with this more in the feeling of healthiness
All the Service, Restaurant and Hotel branch is determined by Customer Relationship (CR). This is one of the main important fundamentals of the business. If the CR is not positive, than the business totally will decrease. Why all the companies invested so much in a positive CR? And everywhere it is getting told, how important the face is. With a face mask this is getting nothing. A Face Shield nearly not disturb the CR in this function.
Through a Face mask it is very difficult to transport happiness. But happiness is the base for healthiness. The face mask only transport a feeling of sickness. You cannot see a smile. And a smile is contagious. This create an healthy environment No problem with a face shield. Even you have funny things happens with a face shield, because you forget, that you wear it. For example, you feed your shield, when you try to eat something, because you forget that you wear the shield. You and everybody around will loud laugh.

Even this with a face shield no problem, because the drops coming out of your mouth by laughing will go to your shield and not to the others. Also you cannot just put food to your mouth, and you will automatically think about, to wash your hands before.

Out of this it is getting clear, that there is nearly no advantage for a face mask in comparison with a face shield, when you are not inside of a closed room with no fresh air circulation.

Here we give you a video, how to make a face shield in a few minutes for costs of 20 Cents.