Sustainable Energy at Lake Toba

At 2025 Samosir should have a Zero Emission food print on producing energy and on transport. All the electricity can be produced there based on combination of Wind, Solar and Geothermal Energy. No fuel consumption transport will be allowed after 2025!

For promoting an Eco-Tourism this will be a huge Marketing advantage. And Indonesia can show the world, what is possible, when they really are doing something for the future. What Jokowi and Ahok started in Jakarta can be fulfilled in Samosir and at Lake Toba.

To get out Indonesia of the Gap of Corruption and Invectiveness:

  • Only Electric Transportation on the land and on the Lake
  • All the energy is getting produced on the Island with Zero Emissions
  • Each owner of a house is a producer of Energy. Also with his car or scooter he is a storage for Energy.
  • The state owned Electric Company PLN take the key technologies to create a people based network of Electricity which makes everybody to a producer, seller, storage and consumer of Electricity. This would be a model for all Indonesia and the rest of the world.

Here the Vision of Eco Tourism and Zero Emission Energy production and transport for an integrative approach. The Vision should have integrated the following aspects:

  • It needs a full production of the electricity until 2025 with 100 % renewable energies. For Samosir can be used:

    • Wind, only around 20 % of the investment costs then Solar Energy. On the hills are all the year strong winds, also water can be pumped with Wind Energy from the lake.

    • Solar, this also has a huge potential, if the Solar panels are cheap and can used directly as roofs. The panels should be produced at Lake Toba. Only the Wafers should be imported. The panels can be soldered and laminated on a cheap 6 mm ordinary glass and get a simple frame to connect directly as a roof to replace the old zinc roofs. Then all the villagers can get a roof which lasts for 50 years ore more. They also can invest with this in the photo-voltaic electricity production. The laminator only costs around 25.000 USD and then there is no import tax for the panels anymore. Even children can learn to produce Solarpanels in each shape.

    • Geothermic need to be explored. It will have a huge potential, especially around Palippi, where the area is not really used for tourism until now. Don´t destroy with this the hotspings in Pangururan. The geothermal energy is perfect to provide the energy, when it has no wind or sun. This will drop down the costs of the storage dramatically.

  • Then transport should not only with the scooters with electric energy. Also the cars, boats and cablecars should go with electric energy. The aim until 2025 no fuel used transportation around the Island of Samosir!

  • The batteries of the cars, scooters, boats and cablecars are getting integrated in a storage system of Energy for all the Island. In the Batteries of the cars, scooters and boats are the energy storage for the wind and solar energy. And the owner sells and buys the energy. If he need a full battery at a special time, then his battery will be full. It is an intelligent energy mangement. The systems for this are developed. They can be used. Here just an example:

  • Also it should be thought of a pumped storage hydroelectricity. With to much energy of the wind and the sun the water can be pumped up to the hills of lake Toba and install there are huge reservoir of water. This also can be used for irrigation. Look here: This will be maybe cheaper, than a storage with batteries.

  • But also batteries Indonesia can produce cheap. Indonesia has the hugest reservoirs of Nickel in the world. By law it is not allowed to export only the metal. But Indonesia can produce a lot of the material. This is the main resource to produce the Nickel Iron batteries. They also are called Locomotive Batteries or Edison Battery. Thomas Alpha Edison developed this batteries around 1910. some of his Batteries still are getting used today. They not getting broken. They don´t have problems with deep circle and overloading. They only need water and are more heavy and need more place. But for storages at the houses they are perfect. It needs to built a factory for this. This is also an export product!

  • Then it will give a full integrated concept for electric energy. Each farmer can get a energy producer, dealer, storage and consumer of electricity. The systems to deal around with this are developed in the German province Bavaria was per person already 2016 around 836 Kwh per year. This is already much more than a Inhabitant of Samosir used.
    In Bavaria already more than 5 % of the people are producer of Energy and sell this to the Grid. The technology is ready to use.

  • This all need to be evaluated and with this it will be also a good marketing for an Eco tourism at Lake Toba. And it will empower the people and out of this the people will come, they are interested in Eco tourism.

And for the Acsess to Lake Toba it needs Cable cars and High Speed Solar boats. For this already we developed a concept here