Our Menu for Guests

Our Menu

All you can eat only at a price IDR 50,000?

Why not… 🙂

We have a restaurant concept that is different from other restaurants because all the menus we provide are processed from our own garden. So what we harvest now, that’s the basic ingredient for today’s menu. Apart from that, food what we offer always has a different taste from the others. Because, all the ingredients come from nature and are certainly healthy for all of us. Some of the menus that we will always offer, for example:

    • fresh fruit
    • salad
    • Tea from the plant the harvest ourselves
    • coffee
    • Mango wine to try, we make ourselves
    • Rice
    • homemade bread
    • cookies or biscuits

At the other side, we c can make you several other menus such as:

    • Andaliman pizza
    • fried fish produced directly from Lake Toba (fresh)
    • cinnamon rolls
    • catfish fries that are produced directly from our farm
    • Pumpkin soup
    • homemade noodles any style
    • sorghum or pumpkin burger

and of course we will provide the food / drink that you want to order and maybe can inspire us to provide it. For example:

    • brushetto
    • banana cake, fried banana
    • BBQ wild pig, or fish or chicken
    • Batak style chicken or duck meat
    • Strudel
    • sweet potato
    • pumpkin with homemade tomato sauce

When you arrive at this place, you can eat and drink as much as you want try the product processed we such as hazelnut oil, roasted cocoa beans, and wine made from mangoes.

Only by paying IDR 50,000, you can enjoy it all. You don’t need to spend money on children 0-6 years because all are FREE for them. However, for children 7-13 years you only need to pay IDR 25,000. 🙂

If you don’t want tto the package, take it easy, because we will offer:

Coffee or tea 5,000

Homemade fried noodles with duck egg and a small salad 25,000

fried rice with duck egg and small salad 20,000

slice of Pizza Andaliman with a small salad 15,000

1 large tray of Andaliman pizza with salad 120,000

cinnamon cake 10,000

fruit juice 10,000

a small glass drink mango grapes (30 ml) 15,000

Mango brandy (30 ml) 20,000

Sauna Package

We also provide a sauna bath for our visitors. With facilities:1 piece of Luffa sponge, hazelnut oil products for massages, freshly washed and ironed sarongs and towels, herbal teas and as much water as you want, use of our lounging areas, showers and soaps. Simply by spending Rp. 50,000, you can enjoy it.

Massage upon special request 100,000