Graviola Detox Tea


The healthy Detox tea blend from Silimalombu

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We produce since 2013 Graviola Tea from our trees in Silimalombu and the villages around. All the trees are growing in an organic way.  The last years also we plant a lot more trees on our property in between of our mango forest. For harvesting the leaves it is necessary that the trees are not tall, that you can reach the leaves. What we found out now, that the trees still give us nice fruits, which everybody like to eat.

The Detox Tea is now a mixture out of:

  • 55 % of Graviola leafs
  • 15 % of lemmon gras from our farm
  • 10 % Tumeric from the neighborhood
  • 10 % Ginger from the neighborhood
  • 5 % Andaliman, the lemmon pepper from the mountains above our house

All is fully dried and processed at our farm and also packed.

Our tea blends also are getting sold from the in America.


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