Scientific Name: Dimocarpus longan

Bahasa Indonesia: Lengkeng

Batak: Lengkeng

Basic Information: The Longan tree is a thick, corky bark that is usually 9-12 meters, though is able to grow up to 30 meters high. The branches are long, thick, and typically drooping. The leaves are oblong and blunt-tipped and are pinnately compounded and alternate. There are 6-9 pairs of leaflets per leaf and the upper surface is wavy and a dark glossy-green. The Longan tree produces light-yellow inflorescences at the end of the branches. The small flowers have brownish-yellow petals. The fruit hangs in drooping clusters that are circular. The peel is tan, thin, and leathery with tiny hairs. The flesh is translucent, and the seed is large and black with a circular white spot at the base. The fruit is similar to the lychee, but less aromatic in taste. The longan is believed to originate from the mountain range between Myanmar and southern China.

Health Benefits:

  1. Skin Care – vitamin C helps keep the skin firm and healthy. It also has antioxidants that protect against ultraviolet radiation and clears out oxidative stress in your system.
  2. Anti-Aging Effects – longans can eliminate age spots, wrinkles, blemishes, and the appearance of scars because of the vitamins B and C and the antioxidants found.
  3. Boosts Libido – longan tonics are used with Chinese women to increase their sensuality and appearance. The fruit also helps increase energy and fight fatigue.
  4. Fights Anxiety – the dried berry helps to treat anxiety and sleeplessness.
  5. Treats Insomnia – longan extract has anxiolytic activity, which prolongs sleep time. It can also enhance calmness and induce deep, rejuvenating sleep.
  6. Healthy Blood – iron is found in longan, which stimulates the production of red blood cells and circulation.
  7. Promotes Weight Loss – the nutrients found in longan help to suppress the appetite and have a very low number of calories.
  8. Increases Energy – longan is said to improve energy levels, prevent chronic disease, reduce dizziness, and increase metabolism.
  9. Neuroprotection – longan can help balance the electrolytes in the body, which can help improve the function of the nervous system.
  10. Strengthens Immunity – high levels of vitamin C can boost the immune system and increase antioxidant activities.
  11. Speeds up Healing – vitamin C can help with the production of collagen, which helps repairs happen effectively and efficiently.
  12. Prevents Chronic Diseases – helps to eliminate free radicals and neutralize their impact in the body.
  13. Aids in Digestion – dried and fresh longan have high fiber which help to pass bowel movements and prevent constipation, indigestion, diarrhea, bloating, cramping, and upset stomachs.
  14. Improves Memory – consumption of longan is linked to improved cognitive abilities.
  15. Helps Eye Health – high levels of vitamin B and folic acid help lower the chances of age-related macular degeneration and helps maintain vision health.
  16. Dental Care – vitamin B helps to keep teeth and gums in good condition.

Fun Facts:

  • The longan is so named because it resembles an eyeball when its fruit is shelled and in Cantonese, the direct translation is “dragon eye”
  • In ancient Vietnamese medicine, longan seed was used to absorb venom after a snake bite. This may be ineffective, but is still used today
  • Despite its long success in China, the longan is considered to be a relatively new fruit to the world