Huta Hotang – Siampang

A wonderful walking trek. Huta Hotang is a wonderful view point at the Plateau of Samosir. It is also a nice place for a rest. It is a Restaurant and also a Lappo Tuak. The owner is a really engaged men and is also the headman of the village.

First you go over the grass, where the buffalo prepare the grass. Then it is going steep down on a small pass until the lake. At the lake shore there is a small village. The path is getting used for the children to go to school up on the mountain. Also the people go Sundays up to the school.

The people walk often up and down barefoot. Also the fish is getting carried up and sold there at the market. But it is really steep and you should be a little trained and know, where your feed step. 50 m of the trail is a little bit dangerous, if you step wrong.

If you arrive at the lake, you can phone or message if you don´t have already a transport to Ratnauli Gultom at the Ecovillage Silimalombu to bring you to Siimalombu for 25.000 Rp per person or to Lagundi for 40.000 Rp.

If you see at the beginning or the end of the trail this sign you are right: