Health Protocol for the Mango Festival

In the Silimalombu Ecovillage we follow since March 2020 the health protocol to prevent Covid 19 transmissions. We are a Certified place since September 2020 by the Government of Samosir. Since we open again in July 2020 we have recognized no transmission of Covid 19 in our place.

This will have the following reasons:

  • Our restaurant is not a closed room. The wind can come from all sides. It is proven, that only one of 1000 infections are transmitted outside. Here to the position paper of the German society of Aerosol Research.
  • Even our kitchen is a open space.
  • We protect our Cooking table with a Acryl glass shield
  • We wear Face mask or face shields
  • We check the temperature of each of our workers in the morning and protocol it.
  • We wash our hands, when we produce food or interact with our guest.
  • For our guests we installed 5 additional sink to wash the hands, equipped with soap
  • We give to each Toilet soap. The toilets getting disinfected regularly
  • Of all our guests we check the temperature and give them home made hand sanitizer form Mango Alcohol on the hand.
  • We arranged the seating areas all in a way, that there is the safety distance of one meter.
  • We hanged the poster of the new normal at the entrance to inform the people.

All the things we will continue in the same way at the Mango Festival.

Additionally, we offer all the guests an alcohol based sanitizer to disinfect the mouth also. It is a distilled 80 % alcohol from our mango wine. This reduce up to 100 % of the Virus. Also it can kill the fresh acquired virus.  The German Association of Hospitals recommend this. This is only working for a short time. But it is long enough for one Game of Manggo Rugby. There it will be mandatory to disinfect the mouth with our sanitizer spray. Also by other activities where the minimum distance can not be hold, we will animate the usage of the spray.