Mango Toba (wine)

In Silimalombu village there are a lot of Toba Mango trees growing, and if there are more seasons there will be many that fall to the ground and cannot be sold anymore.

The oldest Mango tree is around 500 years old and still has a lot of fruit.

I really miss making products from fallen mangoes, and in 2014 we tried to ferment the mango by first making mango juice and then fermenting it.

After 3 months we try to see the results of the fermentation there is already acidic and has become vinegar and others there are very good fermenting into wine.

From the results of the fermentation we try to evaluate why it is acidic. From the results of the study while learning from google, we tried again in the next mango season and it turned out that the same thing happened, namely acid (vinegar), this happened because we were late to check the mango juice.

In 2016, we tried again to ferment Toba Mango and a little better than before. This is little by little we are repairing and monitoring each drum containing mango juice and finally producing excellent mango wine.

We also make other products from mango juice, namely mango jam and mango vinegar.

Now toba mangoes are not only sold mangoes but also derivative products.

If you want to try mango wine, you can contact us at Silimalombu. Onan Runggu sub-district, Samosir Regency with Ratnauli Gultom and Thomas Heinle

And we also long for the manufacture of mango juice and can be packaged well and sterile, and we need a special machine for this, if you all want to help or donate 1 mango juice maker in the region.

In July/August we will have a huge Mango Havesting season. If you are interested, then look here!