Sambal “Corona” – Wild Coriander Pesto


Sambal Corona – Wild Coriander Pesto

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The Pesto tastes wonderful for noodles, but also with bread or just as a spice for a salad or for vegetables.

Long Coriander, or Wild Coriander (Eryngium foetidum) is the base for the Sambal. In the traditional medicine it is used against fewer, Asthma, pneumonia and because of its high inflammatory potential it is getting used as a protection against virus and bacterial. If you want to know more about the health benefits of Culantro, you also can look at our Website of the Botanical Garden Silimalombu.

The Long Coriander, also known as Culantro in South America is often used in the kitchen as a spice.

The plant is growing wild in the garden and forest of Silimalombu. It has an organic status. The sambal we process cold. Only the candle nuts are fried to get them edible. The ingredients are:

  • Long Coriander leaves from the garden of Silimalombu
  • Chili (organic) from the garden of Silimalombu
  • Garlic from the local market
  • Candle nut paste from the garden of Silimalombu
  • not refined palm oil
  • cold pressed candle nut oil made in Sillimalombu
  • salt

The sambal don´t have preservatives. It is stabil by the high contend of oil. It can stay for 3 month at a normal temperature at a dark place. If it is open, then it should be stored in a fridge or used fast.

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