Mango Sambal


A spice sweet sour sambal made from the organic mango from the Ecovillage Silimalombu

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We make a wonderful Sambal from our organic Mango of Silimalombu. This is getting processed directly in the time of harvesting. We add red Chili to get it spicy. To get a full flavor of taste we add onions and garlic. And of course for the Indonesian it needs Cabbage to have a sambal for meet. And a sambal needs to be sweet and sour and salty. For this we add sugar and our own Mango vinegar and we give salt. To get a little bit more exotic taste inside we use our own organic gloves.

The Sambal is getting cooked and then filled in Twist off cap glasses and getting afterwards sterilized in boiling water. Ready to sell and we give an expiry of 3 years. But it will stay much longer, if it is getting stored at a dark place.

If the glass already was opened, then it has to be stored in a fridge and will be good for a week.

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