Kuikui Oil – Organic cold pressed Candlenut Oil from Silimalombu


Fresh cold pressed 100 % pure organic Candlenut Oil (Kui kui Oil)

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The oil comes from the trees in Silimalombu. They are grown without fertilizers and pesticides. Every morning we collect the fresh falling down nuts. We use the outer skin as a food for food for the Black Solder Flies. The other skins are used as fuel for our PizzaSauna Clay oven.

We process the oil in a stainless expeller press. The oil is getting cold pressed. After pressing it will directly closed in a container to set down for a week. Then we take the upper fully clear oil and fill it directly in the final bottle and close it.

The oil should be stored cool and has to been closed all the time. It is a fresh oil and it is sensitive to Ultraviolet light and to oxygen. After opening it should be kept in a fridge to keep it longer fresh.

Especially cold pressed Kuikui Oil has a lot of health benefits. Here one of the websites, they describe 9 health benefits. 

More description about the Candlenut also you find on our homepage. Here you can download the description for the health benefits in English and Indonesian Language.

We sell here a bottle with 100 ml 100 % pure organic candlenut oil. Fully processed in the Ecovillage Silimalombu


Oil Made from this Candlenuts


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