Waste Management

The waste all around the world is a huge problem. We try to produce as less as possible. We please all the guests if they come to our place: Don’t bring waste to our place. We like all Indonesia don’t have a solution for it.


We collect all the materials, where is in Indonesia a solution for recycling:

  • Glass
  • Iron
  • Aluminium
  • PET and PE
  • Karton
  • Batteries


A lot of things can be reused until the end. Here some easy examples for reusing things around us:

  • Plastic bags getting reused for everything until they are totally broken
  • Stand up pouches are getting used as polybags for seedlings
  • Glass bottles we wash in the lake with sand and then we fill our wine inside
  • Chemical drums are getting used  for fermenting and storage of our wine
  • All the food bags, sugar and flur bags getting used for everything until they are fully broken, then they are just biodegenerable
  • All old iron we use for other things. Often we are welding out of this into new things.

From gradle to grave

We always think about to use the materials until there is Zero waste.

  • Mango
    We don’t spray our Mango trees anymore since 2013. But we collect all the falling down mangoes. They are not getting rotten in the forest anymore. Out of this there is no nutrition for the insects anymore. Out of this our mangos are only infected with around 30 % with worms without spraying. Otherwise 90 % of the mangos are infected.
    Then we make jam, chutney, juice, wine and vinegar out of the mangos. To take out the juice we use old stainless drums from broken washing machines and do the traditional way of wine making and use our feet. Then, we mix the juice together with a strong yeast and sugar to the blue drums.
    After fermenting, we sieve it with old curtains from a hotel. The trester we distill then to Sanitizer and Brandy. The rest is then directly used to prepare the food for our pigs. At the end, there is 100% no waste. The mango seeds are getting seedlings for new trees, which we sell also.
  • Candlenut
    We collect our candlenuts. Then we open the outer skin. This we collect in a big open barrel. The Black Solder Fly will leave the egg inside. After a few days the worms growing. Then our chicken come and eat the worms. Therefore they already have a source of high proteins.
    The inner hard skin, is getting used to fire our sauna, or for BBQ or also we sell it as material for BBQ
    Then we procuce cold pressed Candlenut oil. We developed a high effective packaging for the oil and sell it from our house and also via Tokopedia.
    The sediment from the oil is packed in jars as candlenut cream or oilcake. This sediment is good for peeling or for cooking.
    We roast the cream at a minimum of 10 minutes above 130 Celsius to transformed the cyanide so we can use it like Almonds for baking.
    At the end Zero Waste
  • Cinnamon
    We pruce our own Cinnamon. We let grow a lot of cinnamon trees in our forest. If they are getting to use and disturb our mango trees, then it is time for harvesting them. For this the whole tree is cutted down to peel the skin. But we collect directly also the leaves. The leaves are getting dried and then we have an organic Cinnamon Leaf tea. This we are packing in Polybags and sell dirctly from our farm fo 50.000 Rp for 30 grams. We don’t understand, that nobody got the idea to make cinnamon leaf tea. It is totally taste and has a lot of health benefits.
    The wooe we use for fireood or for construction.
  • This are just a few examples, we are working on much more. Like Water hyazinth, kankung, aren trees……..