Swimming around Samosir

At the 26th of January 2023, the World Environmental Education Day we start to swim around Lake Toba. The event should show the beauty and the weekness of the iggest Volcanic Lake at the world. It was initated from the Ecovillage Silimalombu. The Lake Toba is a perfect destinaion for a Sustainbale Tourism. Where you have a lake at 1000 m above the sea level which has the whole year a teemperature of 26 degrees Celsius. We invite people, they want to train themselve and  want  to go deep inside of mediation of one week not leaving the lake. After this week, your body and soul will be changed.

The event has the potential to get a worldwide event like the Iron Man of Hawai.  It will not go for the time, you need, it is going to suceed. Everybody, who can swim can go forthis experience, when he want. It is relaxing and of course it is hard also to make it.

The swim is getting accompanied by Stand Up paddles and by electric boats. Permanently is getting reported from the event on this webpage and also on all social media. We want, that the whole  world is getting this pictures.

Who is joining the event for

  • swimming the whole 150 km?
  • take part for some hours or days for swimming?
  • want to join with a SUP or with a electric boat?
  • as a journalist or as an influencer the  event?