Choclate Hearts of 100 % organic cocoa


100 g of Organic Chocolate 100 %

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From the tree to the bars. We make our own Chocolate from our own organic Cocoa beans:

  • We ferment them for 3 days and then we dry them. (The most producers don´t ferment the beans) Through the fermentation the bitterness is much reduced. This is the trick to get a 100 % Chocolate, which is tasty and not to bitter. We don´t add anything. The pure taste of the Chocolate!
  • After this the beans are getting dried in the sun.
  • We roast them
  • We peel the skin with the hand. This is a long lasting process. Each bean has to be peeled. The most producers just grind the beans with the skin. But then you don´t get the perfect structure.
  • Then they are grind, first with a blender and then for a minimum of 48 hours in a wet grinder
  • On a huge glass plate they are getting tempered to get the crystalline structure
  • filled in the moules
  • taking out and getting packed.

On the photos you can see the process of the chocolate processing.

Ingredients: 100 % organic Cocoa Beans from Silimalombu

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