Our old story to overcome.

This was then the way, how we could legally sell the wine as Toilet cleaner. Now we have the license. But maybe it is funny to read, what you can do, when you stuck……

They said, there is an Indonesian law, that don´t allow to give a new license, to produce more alcohol, than 5 percent.

Law against the constitution

But this law is in two reasons against the Pancasila, the Indonesian constitution:

    1. To produce and to consume wine is an essential part of the christian religion. It is a central believing, that Jesus can make wine out of water, and the wine is a symbol of the blood of Jesus, which in each ceremony is getting drunken. Without wine is the Christian believing not to execute.
    2. Companies from outside can sell the wine in Indonesia. Why the government of Indonesia supports foreigner and not the Indonesian people?

The regency of Samosir could go to the Court for the Constitution (MA) to get this cleared. Also it is important for them, because the local alcohol, the Tuak als normally has more then 5 percent. With this the Government of Samsosir make maybe more then the half of all the men to criminals. How the citizen can trust a Government if they take care of them like this?

What we can do no with our Mango?

With a small part of it, we can make Jam and Chutney. But we cannot cook a ton a day in the harvesting time. There we cannot process more then 50 kg a day. What to do with the other ton?

Already we don´t have space to storage the wine anymore.

96 % pure Alcohol. This can be bought and produced in Indonesia without any special license.

Then we looked at the bottle of 96 % Alcohol, we bought for 25.000 Rp per Liter in a carton of 12 bottles just in a shop in Medan. We need this for cleaning our bottles. This can be produced. There is no warning on it or anything with a licence.

And then an idea came up. We also produce alcohol. We also can do this for cleaning purposes, if it is not possible, to produce and sell it for drinking. We want also to follow the law and don´t want to do something against.

And then the idea was:

We produce and sell the world most exquisite and expensive Toilet cleaner

There are a lot of people, they always want to have something special. And who can afford it to clean his toilet with a wonderful wine from the up to 500 year old Mango?

This is something very special. Also the people can choose between a lot of different smells or tastes. Our Mangowine is not just a simple wine. No it has up to 24 % of Alcohol, which kill the Bacterial in your toilet in an very ecologic way. There is no chlorine inside, which is bad for the environment. And also you don´t have the bad smell of chlorine. You have the taste of the rich Mango, which fulfill your Toilet room. And you can choose each week or day with another smell.

We know, that you want to clean your Toilet, after you use the Mango Wine the first time, all the time again. For this we offer you special packages. For one month or even for a year, that you have enough storage at home. Specially when important people visit you. Just look at our online shop or visit us in Silimalombu. Of course, when you visit us, you can test the different Toilet cleaner.
Also we have stronger cleaners for the old urine, this is our Mango Vinegar. The acid of this is much stronger to open the old dirt. But the bacteriologic cleaning of the Alcohol is stronger. We recommend to change ones a month with the Mango Vinegar.

We were launching it at the Pig and Pork Festival in Muara at the 25 th of Oktober.

One of our first customer was the Corespondent of “The New York Times” for Southeast Asia.

We have had a lot of rich customer from Jakarta and other parts from Indonesia.

Also we made an online Tutorial, how to use the Toilet Cleaner and uploaded this to youtube:

Also you can soon the Toilet Cleaner in our online shop



In July/August we will have a huge Mango Havesting season. If you are interested, then look here!