Application for Elon Musk

Dear Elon,

last week I quit the reservation for Starlink in Indonesia. I was so sad.

I love to make your CEO and you organize the software. 15 years ago a friend, told me, to have to meet you. Now I think, it is the time. Just come to our place and you can think about…… You are deeply invited!

I’m Thomas, I went from Germany to Indonesia 12 years ago after changing for the view of unemployment to going for visions for the people. Off course it needs to surrender…..

What to do in Indonesia?

A place came up to me with a wonderful woman – Silimalombu – at an island on the biggest volcanic lake in the world and we talk about making something here. I came with nothing and was burned out. Just doing, what I need to. I thought often, want to do…

Out of my of group coaching practice for over 30 years, I know, whow to manage a team. What I learned, is I have to be ask for it. For this I think, twitter can be used to find the best CEO.

Just develop the best questions for the determination of the next boss! I think, this can be one of your first tasks in your new position in our company!