Vacancies for People they want to work with us

Our Guesthouse, our products and our Botanical garden is growing and it is getting to much to do for us here. We are looking for people they want to stay with us.

In the moment we have two vacancies:

    • Carpenter
      Maintenance of our houses, building new house, working on the land, taking care of our vehicles, fishing, feeding the animals
    • Help for cooking, working on products and cleaning and marketing
      We run the guesthouse and it is getting to much for our employee now. She needs support. The job will be especially important, if we have huge groups here.

We are looking for two persons or a couple which like to live with us together. We live like a family with our employees, guests and volunteers. The day starts when the darkness goes and we normally doing the whole day something until it is getting dark. Also then it is not finish, when we have guests. It needs to be cooked for them and also cleaned and they want to be entertained.

We like to have people here, they like to live our spirit of self sustained. Our aim is to create here a place, where we not really have to buy something from outside. We want to reach the zero waste status. Our food comes out of the garden. We don´t use chemicals for our food and we don´t buy any kind of packed food. We don´t use MSG, ketchup, milkpowder and other industrial food. The most of our guest are vegetarian.

We can offer a room and full board. You get the same food then our guests. What the guest tell about our food, you can read in Airbnb on the reviews. The guest we charge for our buffet meal 50.000 Rp. We give it to you for 15.000 including all drinks, like tea coffee, juice etc. For the room we charge 500.000 Rp.

But we give it to you for free as a member of our family and for the beginning you will get a salary on top of 2.000.000 Rp.

For this we expect, that you are here and you are with us and the energy to make the best out of our place, what we can do. Especially we live this principles:

    • Clean as you go. Each part has his place and need to go back. Whenever you walk around, something can go with you or something can be cleaned just by the way. After finishing a job, it is clear to clean up and bring all the things back to a storage.
    • If you see a job – it is yours! We don´t want to be your boss and want to remain all the time the things, you can see yourself
    • If our guests wants something, we look, how we can make them happy
    • If somebody of our team needs support, everybody helps
    • If somebody of our team needs something, we look, how we can arrange it
    • We plan our projects and ask everybody, who want to do what
    • Everybody can work everywhere. Out of this, everybody also can learn everything. Like going around with machines, computer, cooking, planting, making products, marketing, etc. We have a learning environment.
    • We also introduce all our international guests in our activities. It is nice, if you can speak at least a little bit English or you want to learn it.
    • We don´t have fixed working hours or fixed working days. We do what needs to be done or what we like to do. Sometimes it is a lot and then there are also really relaxed days, which we need also, especially when  a huge group was here.

If you are interested, then send us a Whatsapp message or phone us  and you can come for one week to look, if we fit together. Then we hope, you will stay for a long time or for ever. Even you can built your house on our land if you want to stay or settle down here.