VANDIKO – The Vision

We live in the paradise and we can enjoy it now. We don´t have to wait. For this we create the VANDIKO – Gultom Center for Batak and International Transition.

We life at one of the best spots of the world. The climate is perfect for the whole year, we don´t need to heat or to to cool it. The volcanic earth is totally fertile and everything grows easily.

But the most people feel poor, the young people go away to the towns and only a very few start to develop something here. The people often stuck in the old traditions and surrender in the corrupt and ineffective structures of the Government.

But the same theme is getting found all around the world. The people stuck in there believings and it is difficult to change.

Out of this we thought, why not to create a place, where Batak people and people from all around the world can come to develop practicable solutions for their life and for the world.

Our Meeting Hall should be a symbol for transparency and transition.



You sit inside of the lake or on top. The thoughts are getting free together with the other participants.

Our family has shown, that we can overcome the poorness. And this we want to share with the Batak people and the world.

The VANDIKO should be a place for:

  • Batak people to learn and practice Entrepreneurship
  • A place for retreats to get a grounding to our earth
  • A place for Seminars for personal growth, for positive impacts on organizations, companies and societies.
  • A practice place to create sustainable community based tourism for Lagundi, Sitamiang, Onan Runggu, Samosir, North Sumatra……and the rest of the world.
  • We invite all the community around to take part in the development of the center
  • We just start and want to give this as a contribution to the world that the people can see, what they can do themselves if they just do it.

We just go ahead for a moment. We like to get overtaken or run together for a world of Richness and awareness to the planet.

The vision is a huge resort of Sitaminang, runned by the cooperative of the villagers in a fully sustainable livestyle:

  • all the food for the inhabitants and for the guest come from the own land and from the lake
  • Every Inhabitant can make his own offers to the guest, which follow the sustainable standards:
    • produce organic food, which the others buy
    • make own rooms for the guests, which are getting distributed through the resort. That can be basic homestays up to 5 star villas.
    • offering sustainable water sports with self built surf boats or Solar Boats, which are to rent
    • offering hiking tours by buffalo, horses, bicycle, gulf carts
    • offering paragliding experiences
    • make tea out of Rosella, Cosmos caudatus, wild Coriander, Graviola………
    • make own organic coffee and sell the kilo for 700.000 Rp.
    • Have the own coffee or wine shop……

This is the final Vision. We start small with the things, which are already created and we use the resources we have. We start with small Seminars from the village and then we invite also the others to spread the idea. We will never be perfect, but we want to make the best. For this we do now!