The Meeting Hall

Maybe it is difficult to find a meeting hall like this somewhere else in the world. The famous design of Ober Gultom, the vision to create this space at his home village to let the people understand, that they live in the paradise in the middle of the heaven.

To three sides there is the water of the biggest volcanic lake of the world at the fourth side it is going up the mountain.


Th space is open. The roof is at two sides not closed. It has the natural wonderful temperature of lake Toba. Daytime 24 and in the night around 20 degrees. It don´t need any further air conditioning.

And through the two sides of the roof the Acoustic is so good, that even the hall is full with 200 people, you don´t need a microphone, that everybody hear you easily.

You can imagine, that you are getting inspired, when you are sitting here













Are you sitting inside or outside?






The meeting hall is open and transparent. All around there is a terrace which can be empty. Or the terrace can be used for Journalists, they want to follow the meeting or for other people, they are interested, what is going on there. Perfect for a public board meeting, which want to show transparency. But also the space of the meeting hall can be extended to more then 500 people.

The view to the meeting hall from the Restaurant













In the moment we built flexible seminar rooms down under of the hall. Also the swimming pool down under is getting designed.