We offer the VANDIKO – Gultom Center for Batak and international Transition as a Seminar-, Congress- and Retreat location. And also we offer our own Seminars out of the Network of our local and international specialists. We offer for the beginning for the people around Lake Toba Seminars to realize the visions of the participants to Entrepreneurship. We start with this impact.

Later we will go on also to offer Seminars for vision based Team Development and Company restructuring.

Also we will offer Vision quests for Individuals.

Here an first overview, what we will offer, also a schedule:

  • Initial Meeting of the village of Lagundi for the concept. Soft opening of the Meeting Hall. Begin of June 2020. Create the first group of people to join the transition to the paradise
  • The VANDIKO Ecovillage Restaurant is already open now and we provide Seminars here or with our
    We made a transition from a Bank to a Food Truck. This is on the way to getting used to train Samosir, how to run a Restaurant safe in Covid19 times.

    Restaurant Truck around Samosir to show the people, how it is possible to run a restaurant Covid19 safe.

  • Offering to all villages of Samosir to come for a Seminar for rural Enterpreneurship. This is going in combination to create the Integrated Tourism development Center Lake Toba at VANDIKO. We go in the Seminars to develop the ideas to start it directly. This will be in June and July 2020 for Samosir. Later we offer this for the other regencies.
  • Start to offer high priced seminar on an international level for Team development and Company restructuring for sustainability. Start with this in October 2020
  •  3 week Vision-quest retreat seminars especially for Burn Outs with a fully work live balance.