Ecovillage Sitamiang

Sitamiang has all the potential for an Ecovillage. All the land is farmed by families in the old traditional way. Even more people are looking for sustainable food and even they pay more for it.

Even now the prices for a village Chicken is around double then for a factory chicken. The factory eggs, even they are much bigger are much cheaper.

In our neighbor village Silimalombu also the princess of  Raja Polin Gultom, which was also the King of Sitamiang, started 10 years ago to create an ecovillage. She, Ratnauli Gultom was so successful, that even the King and the Queen of the Netherlands visited her place. 

Out of this we promote also, that Sitamiang is getting an Ecovillage. The VANDIKO – GCBIT is fully supporting this idea. The Center is getting used also to develop the local products and to sell them online in Indonesia and the rest of the world. We use for this the Shopsystem of

We use the VANDIKO also for this Seminars.

Also the Eco tourism we want to develop. We help the people to make homestays and to promote them. The International Airport is not far and a lot of people even from Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore are looking for an Eco destination.

We start also with offers, which will make this famous. We will offer Buffalo Trekking as a full day tour up to the mountain.

Silimalombu show us, how to make it and they will support us, to make it also in Sitamiang. Until 75 years ago, we have been one Kindom: Negeri Gultom. We can join again!