VANDIKO – Gultom Center for Batak and International Transition (GCBIT)

Samosir the Island in the middle of the paradise of Lake Toba. With the energy of the biggest Caldera of the world.

The Congress and Seminarcenter to create  the change of the personality, enterprises, organizations for a sustainable world. To understand that we already live in the paradise and we just have to use it in a respectful way.

On the platform of our Meeting Hall you are between the lake and the sky. Every thought is getting thinkable and direct transferable to the live. Everything is changeable. Mostly it are our own thoughts and restrictions. We can overcome. We can go to transition.

The center is integrated in the small village Lagundi in the nature. The food is provided out of the gardens around, the fish come fresh from the Lake. Behind the house there are directly hiking trails up tho the plateau of Samosir. From everywhere it is a perfect view.

The Congress and Seminar Center is open for all classes. We serve accommodation with spring beds and huge private bathrooms, homestays in the family buildings around and a camping ground. In the moment we are ready for around 100 people. The vision are up to 1000 people. To create this, there will getting built more and more accommodations around the Seminar building.

The Center is planned to host up to 1000 people. Planned by  Vandiko Gultom in his home village. He want to create Samosir and don´t want to wait until he is the elected regent.

To give a positive impact to his home land. The Center is getting operated from the Ecovillage Silimalombu to transfer the sustainable knowledge from there to this place.

At the final all Lagundi is one Resort, managed by the villagers, they live inside and have the income from the guests. Everybody is part of it. Everybody can offer Accommodation, Food and own products from the land.

We offer the place for others, to make their events here, and also we offer own Seminars

Also around are a lot of possibilities for a work live balance like hiking, swimming, walking, bicycling, buffalo riding……

The property is ready for:

Where it is?

This boat also the Dutch King and Queen Maxima used, when they came to Lake Toba at the 12th of March 2020

Lagundi is just a little bit more than half an hour from the International Airport of Silangit. We can pick you up from the Airport and bring you down to the small bay of Meat. From there we can pick up you with our speed boats.









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