Silimalombu Sky Garden Bar – The cool place to be in the evening in Medan – On top without Aircon

From the village to the town to make the town to a village. We bring our famous Mango Wine, our fruits and vegetables to the sky of the Garden Cafe to the rooftop of the 5th floor at the Garden Cafe in Setia budi in Medan.

On the 4th and 5th floor the Silimalombu Sky bar is open now every day at 6pm We have a full safe Installment following and topping the rules of the “New normal”. And we make it easy for you. And we will give you fun.

You sit up with open air and glass around you on a huge space of more than 500 sqm.

We will celebrate with you the licence we get to make the alcoholic products of our fruits. We will give you each a sample of 3 different wines, that you can choose the best wine for you. (We have more different wines, which you also can test)

Also we make the whole evening fresh our famous Pizza Andaliman, our cinnamon rolls with a past of candlenut and chocolate inside, our fresh bread, and our fresh salads and, our Sorghum Hamburger, our Fries from Tapioka…….. you know we will make more fancy things, like our Sambal Corona our fresh fruit juices.

In the moment still we import the organic fresh fruits and vegetables from Silimalombu. But already we start planting in the whole garden of the hotel and also the first plants are growing in the bar. In a few month already we can harvest the fresh organic things directly on the Silimalombu Sky garden. Also if you want to help for planting and design the place more, you are welcome!

At the bar we will mix you cocktails from our wine and from our Grappa. As a special, we will distill directly the Mango trester to Grappa. You can see it directly and we will make a funny game out of it. We will sell it per auction at the bar.

Sitting at a table with a glass of wine over the roofs of Medan
The dust of the town is just down under and you can forget the stress of the day down under
Better up here in the cool wind of the night








A view behind the bar




It is the tallest building around there in Setia budi. You sit up cool there in the evening without a stupid AC
The View to the Center of Medan
The two top floors are the Silimalombu Sky Garden Bar.







The bar is waiting for you!



The space is huge like all the buildings they are designed by Ober Gultom. He know, how to create a space. The acoustic is so fine, that it is a wonderful place for singing: Even one person can fill the whole huge bar with a nice voice. For Example for the Batak Singers. Welcome! A sound system we don´t want. Already have to much noise in the town. We want to reduce to the MAX. We like the heaven on earth.

You sit safe high up and it is getting impressive, when a thunderstorm and wind come. And fully safe. With the steel construction you sit in an Faraday´an cage. The lighning directly go to the ground.









And we know, that we are opening in the beginning of the New Normal. It is an experiment to open a bar for 200 people now. But we have the space. We will check the temperature at the entrance, we offer a few places to wash your hand before you enter and we give you for free a Face Shield, which is much more communicative than a regular mask.

All our food and drinks are made, provided, and served under the standard of the new normal, following the rules of the protocol of the Indonesian Hotel and Restaurant Organization (PHRI).

And we will offer you also an electronic order system with Whatsapp. Out of this we create an internal Whatsapp group, where we can offer later also a contact tracing of all the guests, if someone is getting ill by SARS- Covid2. Then the person can inform all the other, they have visited the event.  Just in case.

We want to have fun and we want to be safe.

Please make a reservation with Whatsapp to +6281260858209, that we know how many people will come. We cannot accept more then 200 people at the bar, to hold the social Distance.

We offer you for your reservation also a subsciption price for the evening:

3 samples of wine to test

free buffet as much you like to eat.

This all for just 60.000 Rp.

Welcome and don´t forget to book. The offer is only valid, for people, they make the booking with Whatsapp. Also we can send you then the menue of the day.

The Silimalombu Sky Garden Bar belongs to the Complex of the Garden Cafe Setia budi.

The Covid-19 safe installment at the Garden Cafe Setia Budi in Medan


The whole Hotel is built totally open with a lot of fresh air on 4 floors. Everywhere already a lot of trees and greens are growing. Now we plant much more edibles there and in the future, everything what is growing there, will be edible and can be used in the “Silimalombu Sky Garden Bar”. And of course, everything will be organic.

The trees are growing inside of the building. One of the nicest places in Medan to eat and relax.



The time of the opening at the 30th of May 2020 is corresponding with the development of “The New Real”, what our President Joko Widodo announced yesterday. We are on the way to practice the New Protocol, what we already developed the last weeks.

Ratnauli Gultom is planting Passionfruit, which will grow up to the roof in a few month. Soon you will have the organic healthy fresh juice from fruits from Setia Budi!





The passion fruit already take over at a lot of places at the property.






Vandiko Gultom will create more and more with his team. And everybody enjoy to follow him to create the heaven of “The New Normal of Sustainability”



Aloe Very is getting planted everywhere, to add this wonderful healthy gel to the fruit juices.
Cosmos Caudatus is one of the most containing Vitamin C plant. It has 2400 mg. of Vitamin C per 100 g. Even Guava only is 226 mg.