Silimalombu Bar – open by contribution

We love tourism and we life from it. We need it back!

We can have guests from Samosir. Therefore we will have them. We want to show hospitality. We want to prepare the “New normal” and we start with it. We invite all the citizen and the people they still stay on Samosir to visit us.

We open our Bar now each evening. We offer:

  • our Mango Sherry to test them all
  • we distill Mango Grappa live each evening and you can try it
  • we will mix cocktails from our Wine, Grappa and our fruits and vegetables
  • we will cook together our fish, vegetables, grains on the wishes of the guests being at our place
  • we will heat our Sauna and we will operate it with the protocol of the “New normal”
  • we offer you a sarong to go to the Sauna and swimming to the lake
  • we will organize also massages in a Covid-19 safe way.
  • You can sleep here and in the morning we clean up everything and will have a breakfast.

We don´t charge you an amount. You just give a contribution to us. It is your decision, what you want or can to contribute.

We have to train and learn how to run a Bar, a Restaurant and a Guesthouse with the Covid-19. We prepared already a lot for it. We have to show it to the world, that the tourists and the inhabitants of Samosir feel safe again. Then we can open again for a better tourism, than before. We prepare already a lot.

We will make a game out of it, how to provide the hospitality in a nice way with the new protocol.

Let´s jump in the future of the now!