Ecovillage Restaurant

The successful concept of an Ecovillage Restaurant was developed in Silimalombu on Samosir. The guest they stay there look to the garden and harvest what they want to eat. Out of this the food is getting prepared on a huge table together. The people can also sit around the table to eat or sit somewhere in the restaurant. There is no menu. The dishes are getting designed from the people they are there. No fridge, nearly no storage. Going to the garden and take it. Each meal is something unique.

But of course, the people always want to have our Pizza Andaliman and our Cinnamon rolls. And the fresh bread.

The kitchen table in the Restaurant of Ecovillage Silimalombu. We cook together with the guests the fruits, vegetables, fish, herbs out of the garden. We cook what we have and what the people want to eat.

The Concept of the “Ecovillage Restaurant” is getting spread now to VANDIKO to Sitamiang. For the beginning the fresh organic fruits and vegetables are getting “imported” from the Ecovillage Silimalombu until the farmers produce it in the “Ecovillage Sitamiang” themselves.

The soft opening is at the 24th of May. And it will be a demonstration of Covid-19 safe restaurant to prepare the opening of Samosir for a safe tourism again. More information about this here. 

This here will be the place, where we make the VANDIKO – Ecovillage Restaurant

The place for the VANDIKO – Ecovillage Restaurant

Also it is planned to spread the “Ecovillage Restaurant” concept to the “Garden Cafe Setiabudi” in Medan. All the fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, lobster, herbs will go every in the morning from Silimalombu and Sitamiang to Medan.