Boss Switch

A new Learning and Therapy Konzept – From the Bataks for the world

The Bataks are a tribe of 6 Million people based around Lake Toba on Sumatra. All are related to each other and they can follow their origin back to 1200 AD, where the first Batak came down from the mountain Bhukit Buhit.

Until today the Bataks are the landowners are all of them are sons or daughters of a kings family. Most of the Bataks are poor by money, but hey have land and they want to take care of it. This is not easy for them, because the most Bataks left there origin at Lake Toba and moved to the big cities, like Pematang Siantar, Medan, Denpassar or Jakarta. On Samosir, the island in middle of Lake Toba with he size of Singapore is only be covered by 140.000 people. They cannot use all the land anymore.

In Silimalombu only around 10 % of the family land is getting used anymore. A lot of the land is getting burned each dry season, to get away the Elephant gras and all the dorny bushes. But the land is still very fertile and from the last generations also nice terrassed.  The Agriculture is getting done today nearly in the same way, than 100 years ago. All is getting done by hand.

And the landowners are still the bosses. But they have to take care of the people, they live there. If one of the worker is getting sick and has to go to a hospital, the people around will collect the money in a few hours, that this is possible.

At the other side, there are the workers. They don´t have land and they are mostly employed, but is more then an employment. They are something between slaves and members of the family. But they have to do everything and this for 7 days a week and there at any time of a day. And for a worker it is still not nice, to change the places often. If he want to work at another place, than always he has to tell, where he came from and first the people will asked about him at the other place he came from.

For this, you still have the old feudal structure alive.