Virtual Europe Experience @ Lake Toba

Europe Experience tour – Virtual@Lake Toba

The Virtual Europe Tour in Dapdap provides a unique opportunity to travel to Europe and see its natural and cultural wonders without the need to actually go there. Set up in one of the most beautiful spots of Lake Toba, our virtual travelers will be Selfie fans as well as all those Indonesians who want to prepare themselves for a real trip to the old continent. It’s ultimate fun and practical education at the same time, and provides an unforgettable experience!

And you will see that Lake Toba has a lot, what you think it is Europe: “Come to Lake Toba”

Going to Europe is far and everything is new. Make it easy and enjoy your travel. Learn Europe at Lake Toba. Together with others, they go with you for the trip. 11 days you will learn the first 500 words active in European languages, you´ll learn real European food, also to cook it yourself.

You get the experience to sit in a opera hall, to sit in a pizzeria or be on a high mountain. You will be at a beer festival and you will learn some European songs. You can make all the selfies you need from your Europe trip and we produce you also the videos for a documentation of your language course. You can show everybody, how you order an Italian Cappuccino in a restaurant or how to cook pretzels in a Bavarian Bakery…

We will make the 11 days at Lake Toba, that you will believe yourself, that you are in Europe and all the people, you send your postings will think the same. Even we give you your personalized Boarding passes of the flights…..

……… you get the Oleh Oleh from Europe for your friends and for your family and even we prepared postcards with real stamps, you can write and we will send it from Europe to your addresses. Everything real! But only Fake!

Even not necessary anymore to fly to your Europe, all you could show your friends already and you know much more, than other people they traveled directly and burned much more petrol and money – and they could not enjoy Lake Toba!


Why we offer this?

We traveled a lot with Indonesian people to Europe. And out of this experience we invent this Virtual Europe trip.

Indonesian people like selfies more than everything else. They want to be together, but they don’t want really go far away and want to be safe. They have this showing off, that they want to show,where they have been.

At the other side, the Indonesian are very shy, when they are abroad. The most cannot speak to somebody and they only want to meet other Indonesian.

But everybody tell, he want to travel, but nobody want to travel alone.

And travelling with a booked group is for the Indonesian people very expensive. But if the Indonesian people already know, how it is going around in a western country, it is getting much more easy for them.

For this we developed this product. Specially there are 3 consumer groups:

  • The first one, they just want to get the way of European lifestyle, which western food and behavior and culture.
  • The second are people, they want to show off, that they were traveled through Europe and want to tell about this, bring the “oleh oleh” and have a lot of pic´s and videos from the travel and can tell a lot of stories.
  • The third group want to prepare them self as a cultural training, to learn the simplest European words and know some basic food of all of the European countries. A workshop for Enkulturation.

The Virtual Europe travel will be an adventurer learning system to prepare the people in the most basic things, they will happen on a journey. All the participants will be able at the end, to speak the simple phrases, you need as a tourist in German, English, French, Italian language.

Everybody will get his own language course recorded each day. With the speaking with the waiter, when he bring the food, when you pay. When you buy a ticket…….

We will play the situations at the airport or at a public transport system. All we will recording. You get a DVD from your travel. Also we give you a print of all the boarding passes we put inside of the game. We print this faked boarding passes for you.

Also we prepare Postcards with stamps from all countries and they will be sent to you your relatives from Europe with a real stamp.

From each country you will get 5 small souvenirs, you can bring home as “oleh oleh”.

But also you can find original Oleh Oleh from Lake Toba:

  • Best coffee of the world
  • Finest 100 % pure choclate
  • the spices: Andaliman, Cinnamon, glove, nutmeg
  • Famous Mango Sherry

The Travel

The journey starts at the International Airport Kuala Namu in Medan. Here we make the first pictures when you as a travel group come the first time together. From there we fly with a small aircraft to Silangit at  Lake Toba.

There we pick you up from the airport and tell you it is the the airport of Bern in Switzerland. From there we go down to Lake Toba and already we do, like you are in the Swiss mountains and in the Swiss lakes. We will pick you up with a boat and then we go to the resort Dapdap close to Balige. The Resort is alone in one bay. Nobody else, than the group and the serving people are there. We offer:

  • Virtual Eleven day trip through Europe
  • Virtual 3 day trip through Germany
  • Virtual 3 day trip through Italy
  • Virtual 3 day trip though France

When you read the descriptions, you will imagine, what all you can take directly at Lake Toba. You will be impressed about the variety and Beauty of Lake Toba

Eleven Day Trip trough Europe

And then the game really starts. The first day, we are in the German part of Switzerland. The decoration will be Swiss. Everything around will remind you to Switzerland. You will try real Swiss chocolate and Swiss cheese. You´ll learn the first words in Swiss German language and you hear the Swiss language.

You will sleep in a Swiss hut on a mountain.

2nd Day

You wake up in the morning. Then we make a virtual tour with a bus via Zürich to Lake Konstanz. There we cross the lake with a ferry. (We really go around with a boat on lake Toba and you will have breakfast on the boat. Swiss breakfast with  bread and cheese…) The we arrive in the Black forest (Muara to Balige and take a walk through the forest. We will serve you a  real Black-forest cake and the bus is going to Munich. Also we make a cooking class for you to make a real Black-forest cake.  You will go to a Bavarian beer brewery, will eat sausage and drink beer (also have a halal alternative)

With a overnight train we go to Cologne


3rd Day

We climb the Dom of Cologne. We go on the river Rhine and we continue to Berlin. In Berlin we arrive in the afternoon. We look at the Berlin Wall and at the Checkpoint Charly. In the evening we climb the coppola of the German Parliament.


4th Day

A trip to Prague to the Czech Republic. You will try the wonderful cakes and also the beer of the Czech Republic. And the liquors.

Visiting the Veit Dome and Palast area of the Government The Hradschin.


5th Day Vienna

The capital of the Hungarian Austrian empire. The place of Mozart. We will visit the opera of Vienna. Eat all the Austrian cakes with a lot of fresh cream. Going around in a horse car.

In the evening then continue with a night train to Venice


6th Day

In the morning arrive in Venice at the train station. Walking through the old Lagune. Going around with a gondolier with a singing driver behind. And of course need to eat a  real stone oven made pizza. Also learn how to make a pizza. Cooking class we include here again. In the afternoon we continue to Verona, where you visit the Arena di Verona and you will get an open air Opera in the 2000 year old roman circus. You will sleep in a simple typical Italian Osteria.


7th day

We take a flight to Paris visiting the Eiffel Tower and the the old Quarter of Montmartre. You will eat fresh baguettes and croissants. The diner will be a typical french dinner with 6 plates! And we eat this in a an old castle on the way to Amsterdam.

In the late evening we arrive Amsterdam.

8th Day

Going around in Amsterdam take a ship and go through the channels of Amsterdam. Of course you need to try the cheese of the Netherlands and the famous french fries.


9th Day

At the 9th day we take then early in the morning a bus ride through the channel to England. We arrive there at noon and visit the London Tower  area, the Buckingham Palace and we will take place in a parade of changing the garde of the Queen. And you have to try the fish and chips and of course ten English tea ceremony.

10th day

In the morning visiting the harbor of London, going shopping in London, look at the river Themse, look at the Wax Cabinet of Madam Thusssauds have Diner at the docklands


11th day

and then have a overnight flight home to Medan.


  • Virtual 3 day trip through Germany

1st day

We meet at the Airport of Kuala Namu in the morning, then we take our virtual flight to Munich (and we arrive through the mountain of Lake Toba in Silangit). We take the train to Garmisch-Partenkirchen, we visit the Partnachklamm and then we take the cable car up to the Zugspitze the highest mountain of Germany. There you are in middle of the snow and it is cold there.

In the  afternoon we go back to Munich and visit the Hofbräuhaus. Drinking beer of One Liter glasses and eat Pretzels and singing Bavarian songs.

2nd day

We take a night bus to Cologne. We climb the Dom of Cologne. We go on the river Rhine and we continue to Berlin. In Berlin we arrive in the afternoon. We look at the Berlin Wall and at the Checkpoint Charly. In the evening we climb the Coppola of the German Parliament.

3rd day

We have a big brunch in an alternative Tatvariante restaurant, where the people plan a demonstration against the last Twitter Tweets from Donald Trump. We have to go to the Airport again, before the police come and fly from the old city Airport of Berlin back to Kuala Namu


  • Virtual 3 day trip through Italy

1st Day

We meet at the Airport of Kuala Namu in the morning, then we take our virtual flight to Venice (and we arrive through the mountain of Lake Toba in Silangit). We enter Venice at the train station. Walking through the old Lagune. Going around with a gondolier with a singing driver behind. Going with a boat out of the Lagune.  And of course need to eat a  real stone oven made pizza. Also learn how to make a pizza. Cooking class we include here again. We sleep in a old Venice house, which is transformed in a hoste.

2nd day

In the early morning we continue to the Lago di Garda, where you will try windsurfing, this is famous there. In the evening,  you visit the Arena di Verona and you will get an open air Opera in the 2000 year old roman circus. We take an over night bus to Rome.

3rd day

The bus drive through the ancient City of Rom, around the Coloseum, the castles, the churches the fountain. Several times the bus stops, that you can make nice selfies. Then we visit the St. Peters Cathedral in Rome, the Vatican and then we go to the coast to the Airport of Rome and fly back to Kuala Namu


  • Virtual 3 day trip though France

1. Day

We take a flight to Paris visiting the Eiffel Tower and the the old Quarter of Montmartre. You will eat fresh baguettes and croissants. The diner will be a typical french dinner with 6 plates!

2nd Day

We go with the Highspeed Train to Lyon. We look at the old castle there and walk through the town. Then we will drive with a bus south to Winery. We will make a Wine Testing in the old cellar. Then we will continue to the south to Nice. We will sleep in a small village in a hostel.

3rd Day

In the early morning we drive with a bus through Monaco. From there we will go around with a boat and will visit with a boat an empty sandy beach close to Monaco. From there we go directly with the bus up to the Airport of Nice and we will fly back to Kuala Namu.


What is getting provided?

  • Flight from Medan to Silangit and back
  • Welcome Drink at the Airport
  • Transfer with Bus and boat to the Resort Dapdap
  • 9 nights in Dapdap in different rooms, sometimes double rooms, mostly dormitory, optional tents
  • 10 days full board of food and drink. Each day the food and the drinks are served in a style of the theme of the day. Additional Snacks in the morning, afternoon and night in tradition of the theme of the country of the day.
  • Basic language course for the main languages of the travel:  4 days English, 1 day French, 3 days German, 1 day Italian, few words in Czech and Dutch language. You get a multimedial documentation of your course, with the things, you already learned and trained
  • You get a full documentary of Multimedia Videos and pictures, where you are inside of all the things you have seen and you have done.
    • For example you get the video, when you have been on top of the Eiffel Tower, when you go up to the mountains in the snow. Where you are staying in the snow. You get the video, when you eat a pizza at the marketplace of Verona. For all the activities we will prepare for you and the whole group the Videos and pictures. Everybody get a personal DVD from it.
    • We give you all the personal travel documents, you normally get for a travel for this in a photo shopped personal copy for you. It looks like the original document, but we make it clear, that it is not valid for travel.
    • Also we prepare you a fake personal Schengen Visa, also all the boarding passes we print as a fake for you and give to you.
    • You get from each country we travel 3 small souvenirs as ole ole for your friends and also you get 3 postcards with stamps from all country we make the virtual travel. The postcards we collect again and we sent them to the countries, where the stamps came from and there they will be given to the post box and will get delivered to the address, you wrote on the card.
  • We serve you the food with native European waiters/language trainers.
  • The foreigner are trained in the method of Superlearning of languages. You will learn active at least 200 words of English, 150 of German, 50 of french and Italian and 20 of dutch and Czech. You will understand then the double of amount of words for a minimum. Therefore you will understand around 1000 words more in this 10 days. You will be able afterwards to order in English and in German language food, you will be able to ask the most important questions, you need on a journey. The language course is a holistic system, where we used all the activities around to get you the new words learned. We will use also our projectors all the time with the translation of the words. You will speak all the questions and answers together. All we will moderate and give you the words again and again. Also we show  you, how you can use google words for a translation.


The main Event space

We use our Aula in Dapdap for it. This is the open Area down under of the dormitory. There we will have at 3 sides white roll down walls and the 4th side will be a blue screen, which you know from Television shows.

On the 3 roll down walls we will work with 3 data projectors which give you always the environment, where we are in the moment on our virtual travel. You will sit in middle of Germany or Austria or Switzerland. The restaurant is around you. Etc……All the spoke words we will project also on the walls with the projector  in the foreign language and in Indonesian Language, that you get the full support for your brain. We will speak the words all together as long as everybody can pronounce them nice and understand the words. We support this with gestics.

The blue screen we use to make photos and videos from you, where we can make then the photo montage of videos and pictures in a perfect way. To drop you on the Eiffel Tower or to have you sit all in the opera in Vienna.

The space will have a good sound system, that we can produce the noises of the travel sounds in a real quality.


The Daily Procedure

Each day we are in another country. We will serve you everything this day in the way of the country. You will learn, to act yourself in this country by ordering the right things in a right way and to start a little small talk. We serve you the meals in the way of the country and you will learn to eat the meals in a right way with the cutlery. You will be able also to make a table decoration for  each country.

Like we go for the travel activities, we also make the plannings of the day. You really get the feeling of being around. We will sit in a bus for 5 hours or sitting in the arena for 2 hours etc.

But we make in this time also a language course by look at things, or doing things. Therefore we also will make each day’s two times a small cooking class, that you can learn to make yourself easy for example Bavarian pretzels of British fish and chips with mayonnaise.

The evening you will learn one song in each country to sing and to understand the lyrics. We will make this with an karaoke system until all of us, can sing the song. This also we will record for you, that you can remember and you will have the karaoke file with you to use it again and again.

With this multi-sensory experience you will be able afterwards to go around in the cultures and with the people of  the foreign culture. You will learn more, as you would go yourself to the Destinations the first time.

We know this after travelling with a lot of Indonesian people through Europe. There are so many new impressions around and everything is new, that 95 of the Indonesian felt not really happy and are fully blocked to learn really all of the impressions. The most are getting reduced in just to get some selfies and to find something, which is close to Indonesien food. The most are not able to order anything, and don’t want to interact anything with the foreigners in organizing an active travel.

The most people are paralyzed from Europe, when they go there the first time. The effect of learning of culture, language and to be able to sort the things, this is later not there anymore. The people will mix later Austria with France. This happens because by travelling directly you will have in each towns the same ways of transport and food and stores being around. Mcdonalds, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Airports, Carrefour, will be the same. If you are on a real travel then you have this all the time around. And you are in an Indonesian travel group and all the time you will speak Indonesian. There will not be the learning of a language and an  interaction, because everything the tour operator is doing for you.

In this multi sensory seminar the focus is in the learning of the cultures. You are not really exposed with all the things of a long distance travel, like jet lag, totally other nutrition, sleep deficit, being around each day in another hotel, meeting again, exploring the town, looking for toilets, exchange rates and money changers, shopping of ole ole etc. All the things you have to do, when you are on a real travel. Here we sit together and have the focus on the learning.


Relaxing and Lake Toba

Of course, this multi-sensory seminar is also a wonderful experience itself. The Retreat center of Dapdap is alone in the bay of Dapdap

It has the main building, a wooden house transferred from Sulawesi to Lake Toba. Then there is the Retreat and Seminar building with a two floor Dormitory with an amazing view over Lake Toba.

Lake Toba has so many nice spots, but that you have a whole bay with only one resort which you have private or with your group, there are not a lot.

It is the land of the old Batak family and they built this ensemble of an old house rebuilt from an house in Sulawesi. The Resort is getting designed by the famous Architect Yu Si Lim. He created for example also the famous university building of the University of Makassar.

The place is perfect for:
Family parties
Wedding parties
Business meetings
Or just relax alone or with your friends and enjoy the quiet.
An exactly description you can find on Airbnb.

In the 10 days you will change for 2 or three times the rooms of the resort. We have also to exercise the packing and transfer of luggage on  a travel. It needs to speak about this and to learn also the handling of luggage by a travel on Airport or on other transportation. The resort has double rooms and the dormitory and also other places to sleep. Everybody should get different possibilities to sleep at the journey.

We will have nearly every evening life music, we will BBQ at the beach. And we will go around with a boat on Lake Toba and will make some light hiking between Bakkara and Muara. We also need the walking experience for the videos and also for your body.

Everyday you can swim, you can take the traditional canoe to go around in the bay. You can look at the lot of different birds and butterflies, they are all the time here.


Cost of the Travel Experience

For the 11 day trip

The cost of the 11 day trip will be for the 10 days from Friday to the Monday later 11 million Indonesian Rupiah

The cost of the 11 day trip from Monday to the Thursday later will be 9 million IDR

 For a 3 day 2 night Experience

The idea came up, also to offer this 3/2 day travel.

This will start at in the morning with a flight from Kuala Namu to Silangit. From there transfer to Dapdap. Then we only go for one country and this can be for the beginning Italy or Germany. We just take out of the program the parts from this two countries.

  • sighseeing in the evening and then have a diner at a local place.
  • The next day will be then full program to go around in one town.
  • Take in the afternoon a bus  to another town.
  • Have a cultural Event in the second town,
  • sleep in a Hostel.
  • In the morning have a sighseeing tour to some places.
  • Then go back to the airport.

The price for this event will be from Friday to Sunday 4 Million IDR

At weekdays 3 million IDR


The Travel Guides

Always we work with Indonesian and foreign mixed teams. Only with this we can make this experience full successful for our customers. Here we give you as an example just 4 people of our team:

Thomas Heinle

Was the first time 25 years ago in Indonesia and lives now since 2010 at Lake Toba and is married with a Batak Woman. He organised a lot of travels from Indonesia to Europe and also from Europe to Indonesia. He studied Super Learning and he concepted the Virtual travel Experience and likes Cooking. He is also the Inventor and the Trainer for “Pizza Andaliman”

Norbert Kehl

He lives since 25 years in Indonesia, came from Bavaria, the most successful tourist destination in Germany and he works as a tourist consultant since 25 years in Indonesia. He loves Indonesia and Europe and know exactly what it is important for a positive touristic experience.

Ratnauli Gultom

She runs the Ecovillage Silimalombu since nearly 10 years and traveled herself often also with groups to Europe with a permanent Schengen Visa.

Thomas Ferrari

Traveled since 2010 from Italy to Indonesia with an old Honda Motorbike and he exactly can show, how to travel through several countries. Passionate in Italian cooking


The team is supported from several Indonesian and foreign specialists from all over the world. The most have been guests in Silimalombu in the last 10 years, were a community was created to support a sustainable way of Tourism.


Market and Marketing

The market for a product like this will be enormous. Even the middle shift in Indonesia is increasing rapidly. Even more people want to travel, but they are not able in the moment. Also a lot of parents want, that their children going abroad to study in Europe or go travel there, that they get the spirit. It needs a preparation for this, that the travel is getting successful.

For the Marketing can be used the application as the key selling place. It can be supported by the website of

To start this event, it needs some contacts of media, they will report about the idea and the resort here. We can give a first view of this maybe at the open Space conference at the end of March in Dapdap, to get pictures from this event. It is planned to make a 1 day trial for the media in the next month to start.

Then it needs 2 month to prepare the event. That means, the event is bookable 2 month ahead. For each event there are two places reserved for media, they take place. The media can apply for this per email to We choose the media with the best performance.